Stay On Top of Your Marketing Strategy By Knowing What’s Trending

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Stay On TopPeople have been using the internet to advertise their products, services, and offerings since Day One, and those who have been around the entire time will tell you just how much strategies can change. From the days in which top-level search notoriety only required a few keystrokes, to the age in which monopolies effectively control select SERPs, the way in which we market ourselves is constantly evolving. If you stay focused on particular strategies for too long, you may quickly become complacent and allow your competition to surpass you in effectiveness. As such, always being on the lookout for what’s trending in the world of digital marketing is essential. You may already be engaging in the current trends of digital marketing, but many are falling short. For them, we’ll be outlining some ways to make sure their strategies are taking into account what works in the modern day.

Paid Social Media

Social media is quickly growing into the biggest communication and search hub available. Many people already search social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for information that they would have perused Google and others for in years past. Paid social media ad campaigns are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, and can quickly help you connect with those who find your content or products intriguing. Pinging servers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others with paid ads can be done in such a way that you only target those in a specific area, or who have specific interests. Its low cost of use makes it a perfect solution for anyone who wants to reach more targeted forms of traffic in an environment that is more cutting-edge than traditional search.


The future of digital advertising will be complex, and we are now seeing a glimpse of how nuanced it will become with remarketing and retargeting. Essentially, certain ad platforms can track your visitors across the internet, and will show them your ads on other websites. This new trend has shown great promise, as first-time visitors to your website have only a 1 in 50 chance of converting while there. By targeting people through platforms such as AdRoll and others, you’ll be able to continue marketing to them long after they have left your website. These continued impressions ultimately add up, and can result in double the number of conversions among a particular audience when compared to what you would get with only one impression.


Are you targeting your audiences via mobile advertising? If not, you’re in for a rude awakening. We are not far from an internet in which the majority of web traffic comes through mobile devices, and mobile targeting via your digital marketing campaigns is essential. By pinging servers with mobile-specific ads, you are guaranteed to boost engagement and conversions with (currently) about 40% of  traffic. If you are not already doing this, then begin making the shift today: it doesn’t cost any extra through most platforms to target mobile, as opposed to desktop users.

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