Top Three Tips for Digital Marketing Noobs

Digital Marketing The words digital marketing can elicit different meanings and feelings in people, depending on who you are. For some, it may make perfect sense, while others will say it sounds like corporate jargon. The reality behind digital marketing is simple: using search engines, social media and other online interfaces to reach an audience in one form of another. This may be through paid strategies such as ads, or through organic efforts based on content creation. One thing is clear: digital marketing can be overwhelming to those who are just now discovering it. Below, we will discuss the top three tips that those new to digital marketing should understand before jumping into the fray.

Embrace Your Strengths

While you may be new to digital marketing, you undoubtedly have experience in other areas of online management that pertain to it. Whether that be SEO, content creation and blogging, demographic analysis or something else, all of these elements play huge roles in the overall aspect of digital marketing. You can use your knowledge of people to effectively target demographics with your efforts, utilize social media prowess to ensure your content is shared as much as possible, and use SEO tactics to maximize ad copy effectiveness with those who see it. Many examples of cross-over experience exist with digital marketing; use your talents and strengths to hit the ground running.

Go Broad At First

Whether you are pinging URLs to users via paid strategies or organic strategies, those new to the art of digital marketing would be best served to take a broad approach to the content and ads they serve up at first. While many experts will say that this is not the most effective approach – after all, niche targeting works wonders in the area of marketing – those who do not yet understand all of the nuanced differences in the field will be able to use common sense and metrics to learn the ropes. With data and personal observations both in hand after a period of testing, you will be able to determine which types of content resonate most profoundly with your subscribers, followers, customers and readers.

Embrace Yourself in Knowledge

While nothing replaces first-hand experience in the world of digital marketing, you also need to be prepared to learn more about the industry through professional exposure. How can you do this? There are several ways. First, reach out for advice from potential co-workers and fellow marketers. The web is filled with marketing stories and advice, and if you are employed in marketing by a large company, then chances are that you can find someone else to provide some insight. Another way to acquire knowledge is by attending industry events. There are plenty of industry events and conventions each year; if you are in charge of digital marketing for an employer, they may even be willing to foot the bill for the cost.


By embracing your strengths, surrounding yourself with the knowledge of seasoned professionals and going broad with your initial efforts, you will be pinging URLs effectively in no time at all. Digital marketing takes time and patience to properly master, so don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed or your efforts are not effective in the short-term.

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