Building Backlinks with Twitter

Building BacklinksDespite concerns that the nofollow tag that accompanies Twitter links means that PageRank and other algorithms are not changed by links posted to Twitter, the reality is that Twitter’s social links have essentially canceled out this issue, giving you the ability to build both your presence and backlinks through Twitter.  Since social links now work the same as backlinks, you can use Twitter just like any other website for posting links to: since Twitter is a high-quality, authority site, this makes posting on Twitter smart and necessary in building an extensive backlink presence.  Here are some guidelines to consider when building your backlinks on this social networking platform.

Develop A Solid Profile

One of the best and cheapest ways to expand your presence on Twitter is by building up your own account(s) that can be used to push your links to others.  Not only will this expand your presence through backlinks (thanks to your established Twitter profile) but others who see you message may end up passing it along, adding even more backlinks and traffic to your site.  Twitter profiles that are established typically have lots of followers, a low follower to following ratio and lots of incoming links to the profile page.  While you are working on establishing your own authority Twitter profiles, you may want to consider the next option as a short-term solution for boosting backlinks and traffic.

Hire A Twitter Pro

While Twitter remains relatively demonetized by its owners, those in search engine optimization and advertising have learned how to make money helping others with their own endeavors. There are plenty of “Twitter services” on the web that offer everything from established Twitter accounts (typically very pricey) to backlinks on a per-mention basis. The best and cheapest short-term route is to pay a Twitter user to post your link to their followers several times over a period of a few days. This approach is very effective and will give you backlinks and traffic.

Communicate With Others

Twitter is a large community but many personal connections can be built by reaching out to other users. When someone needs help, answer their questions. When you are polite, friendly and approachable, you will find that many people will want to follow you and as a result, you will build authority on your Twitter accounts. You will also be amazed at how many people will voluntarily re-tweet your links for you if you are simply nice to them. Communication is everything – it’s obviously the essence of Twitter – and you will achieve great results by using this approach.

Track Your Progress

After using Twitter for some time, it can become more difficult to track back all of your backlinks manually. Thankfully, there is no need as you can track everything by using Pingler’s Twitter Links Finder as a way to see where you’ve got backlinks and how you are proceeding with saturating the platform with your offerings. You can check each page simply by typing in the URL; results of the number of backlinks on Twitter for the page in question will then be displayed for you to record.


  1. April 25th, 2012 19:25

    this is something that i have to do hard to reach more people to my website,


  2. Akh
    April 26th, 2012 6:29

    useful information. thanks!


  3. April 26th, 2012 16:37

    I wonder getting back links from twitter


  4. April 28th, 2012 10:04

    This is an excellent guide! I am going to try this method to see if it increases the hits to Gossip Invasion.


  5. April 29th, 2012 18:26

    I agree, and its good to know there is some value in posting my urls
    in twitter


  6. May 3rd, 2012 6:29

    wow thanks for this sharing…
    i need try youre articel in my website


  7. May 3rd, 2012 23:28

    thats a great article


  8. May 6th, 2012 21:47

    Personally I think that twitter is dead for marketing purpose. Unless you have a big marketing captialist behind you, you are always going to be behind the 8 ball.

    Twitter was good at one point now I feel that it is a lost cause.


  9. May 8th, 2012 2:47

    i knew i shld increase my twitter followers.. 😀
    still its never too late


  10. May 9th, 2012 13:25

    We have also found twitter useful for linking and it is easy to use and fun (other social media please note fun)


  11. May 9th, 2012 20:09

    Now that Google is changing its rules, does anyone here know if this procedure is still valid, otherwise your will hurt your website rankings.


  12. May 10th, 2012 7:15

    getting backlinks from twitter is no what makes your website appear in search engines at hight ranks. it is all about the contents that will help u . With latest google algorithms change, one should diversify their anchor texts. Same anchor text over a wide network is no good any more. One should have different anchor text and should spread them all over the network in proportion. thats what i founded and liked to share.


  13. May 10th, 2012 16:48

    Twitter quite possibly has the worst customer service, not to mention no phone number to reach a live person, when nobody but a robot answers your email.


  14. May 11th, 2012 11:54

    thanks for the tipps. in germany are a little seo contest, so that we want to test your tipps. but i believe that the twitter links are nofollow. normaly we use digg or google+ to promote our pages
    greetings from Germany


  15. May 15th, 2012 4:09

    very true, I once read an article that bing and yahoo search engines started to spread on our conversations on twitter


  16. May 18th, 2012 21:25

    some times, tweets from twitter are ranked in the first page of related keyword it’s cool because you can get the great traffic from first page of google and thanks to twitter for free 🙂


  17. May 24th, 2012 10:25

    With the new penguin and panda updates I think social media links are now more important than ever.


  18. June 26th, 2012 14:19

    I understand twitter is important, but I wish there would be an easier way like a hashtag that is beeing indexed on high PR page with follow-links 🙂


  19. July 8th, 2012 2:12

    This is a great idea, I’m currently building a Twitter profile right now! Thank you very much


  20. July 18th, 2012 16:59

    Thank you very much for sharing your ideal, it so cool.


  21. September 23rd, 2012 22:25

    Thanks for the information. I was wondering if my link posted via twitter would have any juice. Now I know it will.


  22. November 14th, 2012 1:57

    I also have been building a solid social media profile.Twitter so far has been a great part of that.My links mainly come from tweets.


  23. November 24th, 2012 6:46

    Thanks for explaining the basic information, i was confused before this how to create a link from twitter, now its clear to me.


  24. December 2nd, 2012 20:16

    Despite including my links in my tweets, I get very few backlinks from Twitter as shown in my Google Webmaster Tools metrics.


  25. December 30th, 2012 13:29

    That’s great info , thanks a lot


  26. January 10th, 2013 9:38

    Twitter card is a new boy in this game. I believe it is the best way to improve the web presence through twitter.


  27. March 1st, 2013 15:46

    I think twitter is one of the best place to build trust, also we can get nofollow link


  28. November 15th, 2015 11:27

    I only used Twitter to pass on tips and information about our carpet cleaning service. I had no idea about its bigger and better uses, now that I know different I will use it differently. Thanks for such useful article.


  29. July 17th, 2018 10:10

    Thanks for this article, it’s been very useful for letting people know about our services


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