What Are the Benefits of YouTube Advertising?

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All manners of digital advertising now provide even the smallest brands with access to the largest audiences imaginable. Whether the goal is to embrace pay per click marketing in order to reach shoppers via search engines or video ads to make a strong impression with the visually-inclined, the flexibility of marketing is greater than ever.

One of the most massive global platforms – YouTube – makes it possible to reach virtually any segment of an audience with high-quality ad campaigns. But what exactly are the inherent benefits associated with such marketing approaches?

Today, we’ll take a quick look at the benefits of YouTube ads and help you grasp what can be gained from such endeavors.

YouTube Ads Are Affordable

One of the biggest benefits for brands in this new age of digital marketing is the sheer cost of impressions relative to more traditional ad types. Specifically, YouTube Ads are incredibly affordable when compared to other types of multimedia ad spending and work just like traditional PPC campaigns in structure.

By pinging users with one or more ad sets, brands can branch out and try a wide variety of marketing styles. Since brands are only billed for each click or desired impression, you won’t have to worry about spending an excessive amount of money for content-rich marketing solutions. Furthermore, setting concrete budgets help ensure that your total ad spend never exceeds your desired budget.

YouTube Ads Allow for Immense Targeting

While virtually every PPC campaign makes it possible to customize the audience(s) seeing your ads, YouTube offers a plethora of filters and features that help further refine any approach. With billions of users, YouTube has to provide its ad users with more options to narrow down audiences; otherwise, ad spend could be more wasteful.

Some examples of targeting available via YouTube Ads include demographic criteria, audiences with past histories of seeking related products and services, video remarketing options, topics of interest and real-world events in a user’s life that may further align with your brand’s message.

Even with one of the largest audiences in the world, YouTube Ads can be configured in such a way so that you’re only targeting a very small – and relevant – group of users. This ultimately provides it with an edge that many other PPC marketing channels do not offer in equal availability.

YouTube Ads Make It Possible to Impress Instantly

For many brands, one of the benefits of paid marketing is the option to quickly generate results. Most brands want to start pinging users with ad sets and begin seeing gains immediately. Unlike with organic forms of marketing and even some paid marketing tactics, YouTube Ads make it possible to instantly begin making impressions.

Perfect for smaller brands with minimal online reach, YouTube allows for a combination of customization and reach that can drive hundreds or even thousands of clicks per day to your website or landing page. Whether the end goal is simple brand recognition or to generate a specific conversion (such as a sale or subscription), YouTube Ads give brands large and small the ability to quickly make an optimal first impression with audiences.

Now more than ever, reaching audiences efficiently via PPC campaigns is instrumental in establishing a strong online reputation. Via YouTube Ads, brands from all walks of life can enjoy fast results, affordable pricing options and micro-targeting not found on every PPC-friendly platform. These benefits can ultimately make the idea of video marketing much easier and rewarding.

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