Boost Your Email Leads with These WordPress Capture Plugins

WORDPRESSStill one of the most effective ways in which to build a relevant audience, drive traffic to your site and earn revenue, email marketing has come a long way since its first days. Because those who subscribe to your email updates are naturally interested in what you have to say, you have a much better chance of convincing them to engage with your brand in one way or another. In the past, a simple email subscription form was about all you could do to convince people to sign up for updates. Needless to say, this wasn’t the most effective solution to capturing potential email leads. Those who use WordPress today, however, have more sophisticated options available. In the following article, we will discuss a few WordPress plugins that can help you capture email leads more effectively.

MailChimp for WordPress

Hundreds of thousands of users have MailChimp accounts, which allow them to design and send out mass emails effortlessly. In addition to this, MailChimp is a great way to manage and organize any existing mailing lists. Did you know that MailChimp has a WordPress plugin, though? MailChimp for WordPress is a free download that can be used to quickly integrate a subscription form for your mailing list into your site. There are actually two plugins available for WordPress that work with MailChimp – the official MailChimp plugin, and MailChimp for WordPress – but most people use MailChimp for WordPress due to the fact that it has many more features that ensure proper integration and customisation with your website’s design and purpose.

WP Email Capture

Pinging users with requests for their email addresses can be tricky to do without alienating people, but plugins like WP Email Capture can make it a more integrated dynamic. Not only can the plugin’s form be integrated into pages and posts, but the information collected can be neatly stored in one of many different existing email marketing accounts via export. A useful dashboard widget helps you review and organise the collected info before you do so, and best of all, it is completely free. You’ll be able to track where your sign-ups came from, create multiple email lists for your site, and even add custom fields to collect more information when necessary.

Hybrid Connect

Last but not least, Hybrid Connect is a revolutionary WordPress email lead capturing plugin that can be used to start pinging users immediately for their contact information in a variety of ways. With more than 30 opt-in form templates, you’ll be sure to find one that works perfectly for your needs. Facebook integration is included, as is the ability to build video opt-in forms. You can display buttons instead of the traditional forms if desired, and can even customise it to provide varying types of opt-in solutions (pop-ups, rollovers, and slide-in functionality are all included). Once you’ve collected the information, simply import it into any of the major email management solutions you already use. You can grab Hybrid Connect for $49; this may seem like a lot, but it is truly one of the most versatile email lead capturing solutions available today.

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