Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Office Space

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New OfficeStarting your own business is always an exciting and often scary experience to go through. With so many things to consider and organise, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. When it comes to choosing your first office space there are a list of things you’ll want to factor in. All of these can contribute to the overall success of your business.

Location, Location, Location

This isn’t just something to consider when you buy a home. The location of your first office space can literally make or break your business, especially if you are dealing with the public. It may also be important to choose a location that is near your team. This team can include your partners, employees, and suppliers.

Set a Budget

You also need to set a budget before you purchase or rent any space. This isn’t just the cost to rent or buy the space, take everything into consideration meaning the full operating costs. This includes stuff such as your Internet, phone lines, office supplies, staff, utilities, etc. You may find yourself surprised at just how quickly the costs add up. You will want to be sure you ask about any hidden costs before you sign anything. It’s also wise to have a lawyer look over the contract just to ensure you aren’t getting into something that isn’t right for you.

Will the Space Work for Customers/Clients?

It’s also important to think about your clients and customers. Is this a space that will work for their needs? Obviously this is dependent on the business itself, as you may not have clients and customers dropping by. However, if you need space to hold client meetings and sales meetings, you’ll need to be sure there is a dedicated space to do so. As well, consider the amount of parking you need for your employees and customers.

Remember, having extra office space is never a bad thing because as your business grows you may find you need that space.

Make Sure It Represents Your Brand

Picking an office space that represents you and your brand is an important message to put out to clients. This means you need to have a very clear focus of what your business is all about. The space should be professional and well-kept so that it gives off a positive message.

Secure Space

Security should be a big factor in your decision making process. You want to know that all of your equipment is locked up and secure when you aren’t there and that your employees feel safe working in the location. Options can include buildings with their own on-duty security personnel, secured entrances and exits, gates or fencing around the building, etc.

Don’t Feel Rushed or Pressured

As you take all of these factors into considerations you will want to give yourself adequate time to weigh up all the pros and cons. There should be no rush or pressure to make a decision, as you want to pick that perfect space and not end up regretting your choice.


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