How to Become a Freelance Writer While Travelling the World

For many people, the dream of being able to travel the world and explore various countries and cultures is very real. But unfortunately, just like any big dream, there can be obstacles that stand in the way. When it comes to travelling the world, the reality of the situation is the fact that it costs money to do so, and if you aren’t working, where will your source of income come from? This is when it may be time to get a bit creative and consider a job that allows you to travel the world, pays for all your adventures, and yet can be rewarding all at the same time.

Freelance writers have the luxury of basically being able to do their job anywhere in the world. As long as they have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, they can pretty much set up shop in any location. So how exactly can you become a freelance writer and start living out your dream of being a global traveller? Let’s take a closer look.

Start Brushing Up on the Necessary Skills

The first thing you’ll want to do is start brushing up on the necessary skills. While you may think that writing is the one and only skill you’ll need, in reality there are many that will help you out. Things like research and organisation skills will be needed, you will have to learn how to market yourself essentially so that you can find clients, and it can help to learn how to edit images using simple software.

Find a Task Management Tool/App

As a freelance writer, there is a chance that you’ll be juggling a number of projects at once. They will all have their own instructions and deadlines, which mean that’s a whole lot of information floating around in your head. In order to stay organised and ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, you may want to look into using some sort of task management tool or app. Some of them will allow you to add details such as what steps need to happen and when rather than just the end deadline.

Create a Website for Yourself

Because just about every business out there today has a website, you may want to think about creating a very simple one that acts as your online portfolio if you will. You can provide all your contact details, a brief description about yourself and your skills, and of course the services you offer. You may even want to include examples of your work.

Start Networking

Finally, you want to get out there, in a digital sense, and start networking. This means joining writers’ forums, using your social media to get the word out, and checking job boards meant for freelancers. Remember that there will be competition for these jobs, so you need to be putting your best foot forward at all times.

Getting starting as a freelance writer will definitely take time, effort, and a whole lot of hustling at the start, but the goal is to build a network of loyal clients that you can then create a rewarding partnership with.

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