Improve Your Database’s Operations with These WordPress Plugins

Wordpress HandWordPress is arguably the world’s best content management system when used properly. Whether you are building a blog, website or online store-front, WordPress provides all the flexibility needed to build an impeccable web presence. Many people simply install WordPress, begin building their websites, and do not give things much thought after that. Unfortunately, many WordPress installations can become unwieldy, slow and less reliable over time due to the size and complexity of their databases. If your site has existed for a while or you simply want to be prepared for the future, then continue reading to find out about some WordPress plugins that can improve your database’s operations and efficiency.


Quite possibly the most popular database improvement tool available for WordPress, WP-Optimize can be downloaded for free. The plugin offers a wide variety of features that can be helpful in database management. Old or draft content in the form of posts and pages can be easily purged via the plugin. Various forms of spammy comments can be cleaned up with the click of a button. A variety of other features that complicate databases – such as pingbacks – can be disabled and eliminated effortlessly. You can also specify exact points at which this data becomes susceptible to being purged automatically , which ensures that you won’t delete needed data by accident. By pinging your website and its databases regularly for maintenance with WP-Optimize, you’ll be able to improve speed and functionality for users and for admins.


Another great tool for brands and businesses to use in maintaining their databases, WP-DBManager provides some functionality that many other plugins do not. It is very easy with the plugin to perform simple optimization of the database, with a variety of options and performance increases that can be selected. If any database tables are damaged or not working properly, the plugin offers a repair function that can be useful. If you want to make sure that you never lose your database, you can easily back it up to your domain or off-site for safe keeping. You can also use your backup to restore the database in the event anything goes wrong. Many people swear by this plugin and it may very well be the best solution for you.


WP-Sweep is a relative newcomer to the database optimization game, but it is quickly gaining traction among WordPress users. The primary function of this plugin is to erase unnecessary data that may be cluttering up your databases. Some of the elements you can wipe from your databases include posts, options, comments, users and even the entire database itself. You can choose to wipe individual instances of an element or all instances, depending on what is needed. While somewhat basic in its design, WP-Sweep makes it easy to start pinging your website on a regular basis with improved performance of its databases.

Have you ever struggled with site speed or functionality? What did you do to improve performance? Tell us about your experiences below and let everybody know what worked for you.

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