What You Must Know Before Hiring a Content Writer

Content BoardAs the demand for writing services continues to grow, more and more people are seeking employment of some sort in the field of writing. Some individuals may wish to augment their existing incomes with a part-time hobby, while others may want to become self-employed through freelance writing opportunities. From the perspective of the client, however, this matters very little. What does matter is the qualities that each prospective writer or employee possesses to finish each task in the way it was meant to be finished. With a plethora of writing services available to those who need them, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to ask and where to look. In the following article, we will discuss the most important elements you should know before you hire any content writer for your blog, site or project.

The Ability to Write

This seems like it would go without saying, but many webmasters and blog owners make the mistake of hiring an individual without evaluating their work. They may base their skills off of the listed ad, which usually does not provide enough detail to show whether or not the writer in question firmly grasps both how to write effectively and his or her familiarity with the writing style you require. While pinging Google with content is ultimately beneficial if it is unique and relevant, your readers will be less likely to return and convert if the content is lackluster or otherwise underwhelming. By asking to see samples of the writer’s work before you agree to any services, you can further ensure that you will receive content commensurate to the compensation.

SEO Experience

There are plenty of good writers available for hire, but not all of them understand the basics of SEO to make their writing effective for your needs. While any writer can quickly grasp the concepts of SEO and begin pinging Google and other search engines with optimized content, you may not be in the position to provide this training. If not, you will want to be sure to ask of their qualifications upfront to avoid any wasted money or confusion. Once you have confirmed the writer’s capabilities in this area, you can then move on to the production of quality content. If you do have the time to train someone on the basics, however, then you may be able to obtain a better rate on services from the onset.


Depending on your specific needs and the experience of your writers, you may need some work altered after its initial submission. Particularly common when a client and writer first begin working with one another, little mistakes and issues may need to be modified in order to meet your standards. By asking upfront whether or not the writer is willing to accommodate you on this, you can determine whether he or she is the right fit for you. Some writers do not modify articles, while others will bill you an extra amount for any revisions. If a total error on the part of the writer is made in terms of the article’s content, however, most writers should be prepared to rewrite the entire article for free.

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