Ready to Begin Your Freelance Writing Career? It’s Simpler Than You Think

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Freelance WriterWith the economy still in the tank for millions of people, turning to the internet for consistent employment has been on the minds of many who otherwise cannot secure employment. One of the most popular forms of online employment revolves around freelancing, which is a broad term that can apply to just about any task performed via computer for an agreed sum. In the case of freelance writing, users often create custom content that is then used by clients to attract business and readers to their websites. If you are seeking to enter of the world of freelance writing but do not know where to start, continue reading to find out about the basics.

Where to Begin

Many budding freelance writers start their search for employment via a variety of online forums and gig hubs. Some of these popular sites include Fiverr, the Digital Point forums and Freelancer. Writers and clients alike are free to browse by category, either listing or purchasing projects as needed. You will find the most success when your listings are designed to be pinging for SEO and related topics. Most freelance writers with strong writing skills will find at least one lead within a couple of weeks – in some cases, established feedback will be needed before a steady stream of work begins to find its way to you.

Establishing Your Offerings

What subjects interest you most? In the beginning, it is important that you write only about topics with which you are comfortable: while becoming a freelance writer is fairly straightforward, developing proper writing techniques and coping with the concept of deadlines will be much easier to handle when dealing with topics that are relevant to your interests. You will also need to consider the rate at which you offer your services. Native English speakers with premium writing skills can effectively compete at a rate of $.01-.02 per word. Established writers can earn more, while some novice writers may have to accept less initially in order to build their portfolios and develop proper writing routines.

Handling Clients

Each client will no doubt have different expectations and requests for various projects. Understanding that each client is a different employer – rather than viewing them all as one source of income – helps make the process easier. When pinging for SEO, for instance, a client may request certain keywords, keyword densities and various other details be covered. Some clients may simply need well-written, researched content that is free of plugs or search engine optimization tactics. Understanding this element upfront will help you avoid frustrations when dealing with multiple clients. By treating each client as a valued person, you will also continue to earn their business.

Most budding freelancers can easily begin their careers and be earning some form of revenue within just a couple of weeks. There is a vast amount of work available across the internet – seemingly endless when compared to many other industries – and your skills can be put to good use. While there are other considerations to be made once you are an established freelancer, beginning your career consists solely of some simple research and planning on your part.

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