Mobile Now Bigger Than Desktops!?

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Big MobileWith so many devices now available to us in our day-to-day lives, it comes as no surprise that millions of people use both desktop and mobile devices on a daily basis. Since the beginning of time (as it relates to computers and the internet), desktop devices have dominated usage statistics across all spectrum. This is why it comes as such a shock that just a few months ago, mobile usage appears to have surpassed desktop usage. This doesn’t mean that more people rely on mobile devices for their primary access to the internet or digital communication, but rather that the average person spends more time each day on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. We’ll discuss what this means for the future of tech and the internet in the following article.

Why the Trend?

There are two big reasons why mobile is now becoming bigger than desktops in terms of daily usage by the average person. The first is sheer availability – you can’t carry a desktop computer around with you like you can a mobile device, the likes of which are becoming more and more powerful with each passing month. Those who are pinging servers for information, checking emails and playing games can do so more effectively and quickly from their mobile devices. The second reason is due to a variety of applications that have been introduced in recent years: in the past, mobile phones were just for calling people, but today’s mobile devices provide a world of benefits through mobile applications that allow you to do virtually anything.

What Do Users Do?

When using their mobile devices, what exactly are people doing with them? Several studies have outlined the most common tasks individuals perform when out and about, or on their mobile devices. Virtually everyone (99%) uses their mobile devices to access content and information, but just over 60% of those with devices access the internet through them (reading and checking email). Half of all mobile users listen to music, while just under half play games of some sort on their mobile devices. One in seven users report making purchases through a mobile device, and the same number report reading books while on the go.

Business Feeds Off of Mobile

Another major trend that pushed mobile to the point it is at today is the use of it in business and corporate applications. Many companies want their employees to be connected at all times; whether it’s pinging servers for email updates or communicating via teleconference, there are a wide variety of purposes that companies see mobile as the solution for. This trend will ensure that mobile devices continue to play a more prominent role in our everyday lives – even if you only use a mobile device for pleasure today, it is very likely that your employer will soon hand you a mobile device for work-related purposes.


As mobile technology becomes cheaper and more powerful, its dominance in the world of tech will only grow. When you combine this with the fact that the developed world continues to come online at an unprecedented pace, it won’t be long before a supermajority of internet and computing-based activity will occur through these devices.

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