Save Time and Money in the Beginning with These Four Start-Up Must-Haves

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Time and MoneyWhether you are starting a new business online or in the physical world, some constants are present. The need for quality customer service, excellent communication and a balanced budget are just a few examples, but many other, smaller tools and methods fall into the same category. The fact that a majority of small businesses fail in their first five years is a gloomy reality that hangs over the shoulders of every entrepreneur. You obviously need every advantage and element of efficiency you can get working for you instead of working against you. In the following article, we will discuss four must-have tools and utilities for start-up businesses to consider when making their first foray into the wide, wide world of commerce.

Social Media Presence

In this day and age, there are few outlets through which a brand can amplify their message, do so for free and in a way that actually generates value. Social media is one of these unicorns, and can deliver a great amount of feedback, traffic and interest in/to your brand when used properly. Pinging users with details about what you do and offer is just the beginning; you’ll also need to provide true value in the form of informative, persuasive and engaging content (that may or may not be directly related to your brand) in order to maximize its potential. Nevertheless, targeted efforts on social media can go a long way when you yourself have just hit the ground running.

Comprehensive Phone System

Even if you are an online business, having a phone line and a system that can handle inquiries is a must-have. Virtual phone numbers are available online for free, which can be redirected to any cell phone for easy call fielding. If, however, you want to take it to the next level – or if you expect to have heavy call volumes or need to provide 24/7 support – then a professional call answering system or customer support service team may be needed. These services can be quite inexpensive if you opt for an overseas option, and are comparable in price to what you’d pay for a click via online PPC campaigns.

Freelancer Labour

Without doubt, your business – particularly if online – will require vast amounts of content creation and marketing in order to thrive. For this, it can sometimes be too much for up-start small businesses to hire the services of a professional in-house. Thankfully, freelance labour is in ample supply online and can be used for practically anything. Whether you need graphic designers, writers, or personal assistants, freelancer websites exist out there for you to take advantage of whenever needed. With some truly competitive markets in the business, you’ll have no difficulty finding someone who can perform needed tasks and for a great rate.

Impressive Website

Last but definitely not least, your up-start business will need a comprehensive website that is both impressive and informative in order to succeed. Why is this the case? Even for brick and mortar businesses, a good chunk – if not an absolute majority – will first encounter your brand online. These impressions matter, so you do not want to be pinging users with a bad first impression.

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