How Screen Capturing Tools Can Help You Make Great Content

Work StationProducing great content is at the core of any successful marketing, SEO or e-commerce strategy. Whether you are shaping opinion of your product on social media, improving your clout in SERPs for better SEO results or increasing conversions via email marketing, what drives success or failure in these cases is the quality of the content. Richer forms of content are becoming more predominant in an age where fast internet speeds and mobile devices demand more. Video content is definitely in demand, but there are many different ways to create and use it. Today, we’ll talk about how screen capturing tools can be an awesome ally in the fight to create better content.

Better Walkthroughs

Are you trying to provide your readers with an explanation of how to do something on the web? Maybe you wish to show them how to perform basic moves or functions in a video game. Whatever the reason or motivation, screen capturing tools can be used on PCs and televisions to help capture what it is you’re doing in the here and now. By overlaying audio with the recorded video, you can quickly walk users through any type of explanation or process step-by-step, reducing the likelihood that they lose their way or otherwise become confused. This is a great form of visual learning and can be combined with supplemental forms of content that outlines others aspects of the process.

Capture Live Events

If you want to share content from a livestream on your blog or website that may not be available at a later date, then the use of screen capturing technology can be a god-send. You can quickly begin pinging your website with the captured content, which can then be shared on social media or via email blasts. Best of all, you can make annotations or add other forms of commentary to the screen captured content after you are done recording it. This makes it easy to draw attention to specific portions of the event and otherwise provide clarification where it might be necessary.

Create Customized Videos

Screen capturing can be very useful when in the pursuit of more detailed content. You may already have video of a particular event or have created video for use on your website, blog or social media page. Screen capturing technology is perfect for those times in which you want to insert specific observations or occurrences into existing video. For instance, an interview with an expert may be complemented by including a specific walkthrough of the process that he or she is discussing. With screen capturing tools, you can include references to anything in the middle of these videos and make it easier for others to follow the discussion.

With so much demand for new and interesting forms of content, screen capturing technology can be very useful. Whether you want to capture video, still images or any other type of content, this solution can provide you with the ability to be pinging your website with fresh material. Have you ever used screen capturing to collect footage from a game, live event or something else? Let us know your experiences and thoughts about screen capture below.

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