How to Build Excellent Content Around Events

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Content Creation There is a huge need for content creation across all industries and businesses. Most businesses find themselves in the position of needing content on a regular basis. From social media engagement to blog posts, it helps when businesses can promote themselves and what they do in their communities and beyond. Many businesses attend or are in some way involved with events. In some cases, it may be their own events; in others, it may be an industry conference or comparable function. There is a goldmine of potential content pertaining to these types of events, and we’ve put together a list of ideas on how you can build more content that revolves around this concept.

Content Creation Beforehand

There are many opportunities to generate content for your brand’s online presence before an event even begins. One way in which to do so is to announce the event and provide a list of all who will be speaking or otherwise influencing the event. There is also opportunity in providing audiences with interviews from those who will be organizing or attending the event; this can be in article form, podcast or video. Many larger events provide in-kind sponsorships that allow businesses to earn a mention for themselves in exchange for promoting the event or otherwise increasing its attendance numbers. Covering the upcoming event by letting people know what to expect or what to look forward is another way you can be pinging users with content in one form or another.

Content Creation In the Here and Now

When the event is ongoing, there are plenty of opportunities to generate content and buzz via your brand. Especially in the case of longer or multi-day events, this can be a prime occasion to create multiple pieces of content throughout its duration. A live-blog or some other form of streaming presentation can be a great way to feature both the event and your brand’s influencers. If the event is a longer one, then providing readers with a smash-up of the most important mini-events or covered topics can be another great way to squeeze content out of the occasion. Finally, be sure to find ways in which to interview important or influential people at the event, which will provide you with ample content for videos or for blog and social media posts.

Content Creation Afterwards

Once the event is finished, there are still opportunities to generate content off of its occurrence. One way in which to do so is to provide a wrap-up of the event’s highlights. This should be relatively easy – especially when you have already been producing content that covers the event throughout its duration. Another great way to be pinging users with event-based content is to rehash previous interviews into a mash-up of summaries about how the event went and what it entailed. With this method, you can likely create several audio- or video-based forms of content that will give users more highlights about the event’s purpose. In addition, you can also sure photos and personal notes about the event.

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