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Create VideosAs the content game becomes increasingly competitive, more and more brands continue to ramp up the amount of content that they offer. It is not just about quantity, though: as the web and our devices become more complex, so do the expectations of users who can find more diverse forms of content. If your brand currently is not engaged in multimedia – with particular emphasis on videos – then you are leaving reach and potential revenue on the table. Many people still think that video creation and editing are difficult, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Below, we will discuss three online tools that you can use to quickly edit and publish videos that will be well-received.


Pinging YouTube videos to the masses is probably the best way to share your videos, but how do you plan on editing them beforehand? Animoto is a great way to take multiple forms of content – images, infographics, video clips and audio – and combine them into stellar pieces of content that share your message. If you plan on sharing the video via social media or your website, then Animoto has great integration features that can help you seamlessly share without having to download and re-upload to sites like YouTube. There are also commercial and professional versions of Animoto available for a fee, which may be a better solution for your brand. In addition to your custom videos, Animoto also provides plenty of stock video clips that can be used in conjunction with your own video clips.


If you run an online marketplace, then you know how important reviews and feedback can be to your overall business strategy. Being able to promote those great experiences of customers can help you build trust and increase profits. Vidtrack is a great solution for this type of brand, as it allows your customers and users to send you their own video messages. This can be used in a variety of other situations besides testimonials, such as video submission contests. Sometimes, you can let your viewers and customers be a part of the content creation strategy (which takes some work off of your shoulders), and a service like Vidtrack is a great way to generate new content through others’ thoughts and input.


Last but not least, Powtoon is a nice utility for those who want to delve into animated videos, rather than actual real-life video capture. Whether you are seeking to create a how-to video on a particular subject or simply want to start pinging YouTube videos for more SEO clout, Powtoon allows you to choose between free and premium-level services that provide step-by-step creation of animated videos. You pick your backgrounds, font, text, slides and animation transitions in order to create a professional-looking masterpiece.


By expanding your content offerings into forms of multimedia like video, you will be able to penetrate more audiences and have more chances to make an impression. As the web continues to move toward more content-rich solutions like video, SEO and content marketing of the future will increasingly revolve around this form of content. It makes sense to be prepared, and you now have three tools to consider in your endeavours.

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  1. November 19th, 2014 15:26

    I love Animoto…Made some of my favorite videos of my children as well as some team end of the year videos that went over very well with the players!


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