Important Topics to Cover When Coaching Your Team for Better SEO

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Whether you’re a small online business with a few employees or a multi-national conglomerate, some things are always going to be needed and useful. One common element in the health and success of online businesses is a strong SEO campaign. Whether you’re reaching out to niche audiences or marketing your products to millions, search engine optimization plays a huge role in how much organic exposure you’ll generate. For those brands with in-house marketing and content creation teams, it is essential that your team understands how to use SEO in their day-to-day projects. Below, we’ll review some of the basic topics you’ll want to cover when striving for a better SEO outcome.

Discuss the Basics of Copywriting

Broadly speaking, the art of copywriting is built to include many SEO principles. First and foremost, you want to be pinging users with top-notch content that is detailed and thorough. Without this dynamic, your content is likely to be viewed by search engines as being too thin or broad to provide any real benefit to search engine users. From building strong backlinks and effective headlines to balancing the need for incorporating the brand into any topic, these principles will help your content to quickly gain traction with search engines, social media, email marketing and more. If you can coach your team and develop a strong group of copywriters, much of what follows will feel like a walk in the park.

Cover the Relevance of Keywords

Your content creators and strategists should be aware first and foremost of the impact that keywords have on content. Since search engines are not sentient beings, they rely on the words in a piece of content to determine its intent. Keyword prevalence through articles and blog posts continues to be one of the many major ways that search engines evaluate what your content is describing. If you can make natural use of the phrases and words you’re targeting in search part of your broader content strategy, then you’ve mastered one of the crucial components necessary to improve long-term SEO for your brand.

Inform Them About Google Algorithms and Penalties

There are numerous Google algorithms that can be important when improving SEO outcomes: Panda and Penguin are the most notable two. These affect how Google looks at both your links and your content, which are arguably the two most important measurements of a site’s ranking potential. Additionally, writers must be informed of what penalties currently exist, why they’re enacted, and what can be done to avoid earning them. By pinging users of your team with this information and reviewing it until it is understood, you’ll avoid making rookie mistakes that could be quite costly later.

Building a more informed team for the purposes of improving SEO is a noble task, but it will require work. Some may be more attuned to these matters than others, so patience is key. You’ll want to cover the basics of search engine penalties, keyword relevance and copywriting details before setting anybody loose. This will not only help improve the SEO performance of your website, but should also improve the quality of your content – something your readers will appreciate.


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