Which Social Media Trends in 2017 Are Must-Dos for Businesses?

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With each passing year, social media continues to evolve more and more, unleashing new strategies and possibilities for both users and businesses alike. Many new features are being unveiled as the nature of social media continues to grow alongside technological expansion. With a massive expansion in mobile device usage, the face of social media has shifted in ways that allow for more intimate and real-time engagement with fans, friends and followers. If your business presence on social media wants to stay ahead of the curve, then continue reading to find out about which trends this year are must-dos for your brand.

Live Feeds

More and more, users and brands alike are enjoying live feeds and broadcasts via social media. Ever since Facebook unveiled its Live feature, pressure has been mounting for brands and social networks alike to get in on the action. From a business  standpoint, there are few forms of content easier to create than a live feed. Simply start recording, make your pitch, and enjoy as your content is streamed by others in real time (and watched by many others later). The great thing about live feeds is that they continue pinging users long after the feed has ended; you’ll be able to generate ample value from each live feed you conduct, assuming what you’re offering your followers is relevant to them.

Social Selling

On a variety of social media networks, we are seeing new trends in the form of social sales. On Facebook, individuals can post listings for items now in a format comparable to Craigslist. On sites like Instagram, sponsored posts can be infused with call to action buttons for purchasing select items. While social media has historically been used as a way to direct people to a website where they can purchase products, the lines are increasingly becoming blurred. Outright promotion of items on – and when possible, direct purchases through – social media will increasingly become more common in 2017. By getting into the action now, you can beat much of your competition and enjoy less contested marketing efforts in the near future.


While there is evidence that many forms of automation in online businesses are giving way to personalized service due to competition, one trend we’re seeing on social media is the increased use of chatbots for fielding inquiries. Facebook now allows chatbots to be integrated into pages’ Messenger accounts, making it easy to field questions, complaints and inquiries in real-time. This can often ease the burden that a business experiences, as many questions can be easily answered by a chatbot without human interference. However, pinging users with personalized responses at some point during the conversation should still be a goal, as people prefer shopping with institutions that demonstrate a desire for their business.

Social media will continue to evolve for all of its users, and thus, businesses will likewise have to continue to adapt. In 2017, many businesses will focus on social selling, chatbots and live feeds as ways to boost sales and engagement with their audiences. What else are you planning on doing this year to increase engagement for your brand? Tell us below in the comments.

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