A Beginner’s Social Media Marketing Checklist

Marketing ChecklistThere are dozens of different social media networks in operation that allow people from all over the world to connect, share and create with one another. In many respects, social media has replaced traditional forms of media or altered drastically the way in which we absorb information from them. With all of these changes affecting even the most fundamental elements of our world, it comes as no surprise that a seemingly infinite number of brands, businesses and projects are now seeking to become more involved via social media. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus can all help you exponentially increase the size of your audience and make valuable impressions in a number of ways, but only if your marketing and campaign efforts are in order. Beginners should take note of the following items in order to ensure that their social media efforts achieve the best results.

Clearly Outlined Goals

What are the exact goals you wish to meet through the implementation of a social media marketing campaign? Are you aiming for more likes, additional followers, an increased number of shares or more sales on your brand’s website? Before you can develop the best campaigns and begin pinging online platforms such as Facebook, you must first know what you wish to achieve from the effort. It also can be a great idea to set particular milestones along the way, which will allow you to feel vindicated in your efforts as progress is made. Nobody can expect realistic goals to accomplish everything at once nor can you expect any worthwhile goal to be achieved in mere days or weeks. It is because of this that goals must be laid out upfront and understood to be long-term endeavors.

A Complete Audit

Whether you have one or more social media profiles, there is a good chance that as a beginner, you do not know exactly where, how and when your social media audience utilizes their profiles. In addition to this, there are many other questions that can be posed to help you better your overall marketing strategies. A variety of social media auditing tools are available that can help you learn more about your audience and how to better appeal to them. This simple reinforcing action can help bolster sharing among your followers, creating more social signals and potential followers from their friends and followers.

Solid Analytics

Various social media platforms offer some form or another of basic analytics within their page or profile administration panels. While these tools can be helpful and provide limited insight into your audience, other utilities are needed to track their movements and shares throughout the network and onto your website or blog. Plenty of tools can help you determine elements such as conversions, return on investment, bounce rates and much more from your social media audiences. As you compile and analyze this data, you can begin to understand in more detail what your audience enjoys, what they do not enjoy and why they feel one way or another about your content.

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