Splicing Through B2B Social Media Urban Legends

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In many respects, B2B online marketing methods are different than that of B2C ones. This creates a lot of specialized advice for those in the world of B2B relations, but not all of the advice is sound. While, yes, there are many differences, B2B and B2C marketing methods – especially via social media – share many similarities. Some B2B skeptics suggest that marketing via social media is not a fruitful way in which to reach your target audience. Today, we’ll review some of the urban legends surrounding B2B marketing on social media and help you figure out which methods and strategies are actually worth your time.

“B2B Social Media Is Worthless”

Perhaps the biggest and most broad misconception floating around out there about B2B social media, the notion that there is no value in social media strategies is just absurd. B2B clients are no different than B2C audiences in that they regularly use social media for a variety of both personal and professional purposes. Many B2B brands have found success leveraging networks like LinkedIn for their marketing efforts, but even more standard social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook offer plenty of potential. From meeting new prospective clients to generating leads, there is much that can be done on social media from a B2B standpoint. By pinging URLs to your products, services, advice, reviews and other informative and influential findings, you can generate ample interest in this regard.

“Use As Many Networks As Possible”

In some circles, the advice that a B2B brand should tap into as many social networks as possible is palpable. Unfortunately, this advice generally is not true. While some B2C brands find value in reaching out to users in a variety of networks, most B2B brands will discover that their target audiences are largely clustered on one or more networks. In addition to this, the density of persuadable users relative to a B2C brand on any social networks means that you’ll likely be spreading yourself far too thin if you try to utilize several social media networks at once and/or waste too much money. Find which network works best for you and have a laser-like focus on delivering results there.

“B2B Social Media Is Expensive”

Another common urban legend around B2B social media relates to its cost. Many brands have claimed that the costs associated with pinging URLs and various forms of content via social media is just too expensive for their tastes. This goes back to the relative density of prime B2B targets on any one network. If you cast too wide of a net or have a presence on too many networks, then yes, costs can quickly skyrocket and your effective cost per click or cost per lead will seem astronomically high. If, however, you adopt a strategy of micro-targeting very precisely, then your cost per click will be quite reasonable and the yields from your efforts will be very effective.

Social media can be just as useful for B2B as it can for B2C, but you have to know what you’re doing. By focusing on one network at a time, hyper-targeting your paid efforts and giving potential clients true value in your offerings, you can gradually build a powerhouse on social media that will impress your allies and competitors alike.

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