Unique Advertising Channels to Consider in 2020

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Both organic and paid advertising options exist in abundance for brands in today’s digital world – so many in fact that choosing one or more optimal choices is downright difficult. Ultimately, most successful brands combine a variety of tactics, including organic mentions, email marketing, PPC advertising and social media blasts to raise awareness and build their audiences.

With respect to paid advertising, most know the major contenders: Facebook, Google Ads and other PPC networks with massive reach get much attention. However, new and emerging advertising channels are appearing every day, with some of them offering unique opportunities to reach audiences with less competition.

As such, we’ll take a gander at some of these unique channels you’ll want to consider advertising on in 2020 and beyond.


Established brands with traditional marketing tactics understand the nature of radio advertising, but many fail to embrace newer variations and channels such as Spotify. Millions of people use Spotify’s free music service, which features ads in between songs. This is one platform where brands can reach users based on interests and locations, and the channel uses a variety of metrics to help brands uncover the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Spotify offers a variety of ad types, including audio ads, video ads and even sponsored playlists. Brands who can effective utilize all of these ad types can target audiences in 2020 and beyond with an as-of-yet relatively uncontested marketing strategy. This highly effective method of pinging users with various types of ads cannot be overlooked in the coming year.

Bing Ads

While everybody is familiar with and many use Google Ads for digital marketing purposes, its distant cousin Bing doesn’t get much attention. While attracting about one-tenth the overall traffic of Google, the number of brands and competitors using the service in many instances is even smaller than that. The end result is that savvy brands can tap into a smaller but less contested audience in 2020 with optimal efficiency.

Even with fewer users, Bing SERPs being targeted via the Microsoft Advertising network can actually drive more traffic to your site than AdWords. As such, don’t overlook this opportunity that’s currently hidden in plain sight.


Known for many years as a great community in which to find answers and discover fresh content, Reddit has been utilized in some marketing circles in a more organic fashion. Brands that are able to provide assistance and engage with various subreddits can enjoy subtle marketing benefits from the channel, but many don’t take advantage of the direct marketing aspects Reddit provides.

Reddit Advertising allows individuals to target specific subreddits and audiences, accomplish specific campaign objectives and view progress via its internal analytics options. Perhaps the one challenge is the level of skepticism that users on the platform possess; generic advertising doesn’t work well on Reddit. With more than 300 million monthly users, Reddit is a platform that isn’t going anywhere: in 2020, pinging users with high-quality marketing on this channel is an absolute must.

With the new year approaching, new and exciting advertising solutions should be considered. New and emerging channels are constantly popping up, but it’s important to also not forget about established channels that many are not taking advantage of currently. These three platforms all offer unique and customizable advertising options, huge audiences and low costs for targeting users: taking advantage of these opportunities is simply good business sense.


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