Simple But Effective Ways to Generate Leads

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Question MarkMany businesses and brands revolve around the notion of leads and conversions. Without these two elements, their marketing and content campaigns would be effectively worthless. It can be difficult to generate leads from scratch, especially if you do not have a well-known brand or institution to promote. Thankfully, the internet, and technology in general, has made it possible for businesses to quickly earn relevant and valuable attention from interested audiences. If you are looking for new ways to generate leads (and who isn’t?), then continue reading to learn about some simple yet potent lead generation tips.

Take Advantage of Q&A Sites

There are many platforms out there – Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit – that exist for people to share stories, information and find answers to their questions. From a lead generation perspective, this can be a veritable gold mine. Through a series of quick searches and a bit of research, you’ll be able to find questions and discussions on these websites that pertain to your particular niche or field of expertise. You can then begin pinging links  to detailed answers on your website if you’ve already addressed this type of question before, or you can provide a unique and thoughtful answer from scratch. In either case, your ability to assist and vouch for your credentials will provide some opportunities – whether through the person asking the question or someone else who sees it in the future – for new leads

Manipulate Your Social Media

Both your personal and professional social media accounts are perfect places to begin expanding your lead generation. Successful brands and individuals know that there is plenty of valuable lead generation real estate on each profile. Depending on the social media network in question, you’ll be able to use your cover images, profile pictures and bios to promote various calls to action or promotional pitches. If you’re using Twitter, then you can incorporate all of this into your profile. For Facebook, be sure to maximise lead potential through your cover and profile images. Whatever the situation, these elements function like effective billboards for your brand and can be quite useful in drumming up new leads.

Turn the Leads Process into Fun

Anybody who has been generating leads for some time knows that adding value to the process can drastically increase efficiency. People want to know what they’re getting ahead of time before they share any information with you. Sometimes, you can incorporate fun into the process as a way of generating leads without anybody knowing. For instance, it is common for many brands to create personality quizzes or some other form of survey that provides users with information about their tastes, preferences or ideal products within the brand’s line. A series of fun questions – along with harvesting the person’s email address – can help you collect a wealth of information about individual people who may become valuable conversions in the future.

Whether you’re pinging links to questions, maximizing social media real estate, or tricking people into giving you leads via entertainment, these simple strategies can be absolutely effective when coupled with a broader, existing lead generation strategy.


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