Want to Generate Leads? Insert These Strategies Into Your Campaign Today

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Leads ButtonEvery brand has a unique way in which it approaches the concept of paid advertising and PPC campaigns. Some brands may opt for a more personalized approach, targeting select niches on social media only. Others may broaden their horizons in search, targeting dozens – if not hundreds – of keywords and audiences. Many more mix and match between social media and search, trying to find that perfect balance. Lead generation can be difficult for those who have not yet mastered all of the pieces of the puzzle to success. A lot goes into the construction of successful campaigns that produce leads, but it is not rocket science (yet). Below, we’ll discuss how you can improve lead generation by injecting your campaign with these simple but effective strategies.

Always (A/B) Testing

Your PPC campaigns cannot survive scrutiny if they don’t face it within your own laboratory first! After all, how can you know that you have the perfect ad copy, images and landing page elements unless they can be compared to others? When pinging URLs via PPC campaigns, it is vital that you create multiple variations of each ad in order to see how well each performs. Even when running full-time PPC campaigns, it is a good idea to create variance – based on prior experimentation – so that you have as wide of a variety of approaches and outcomes as possible. As time goes on, you’ll learn which basic strategies to include in ad variations, so that you’re always extracting the very best from each while maintaining that necessary variance.

Always Use Landing Pages

PPC campaigns that link directly to the main website will not generate the type of leads you wish – unless that main page is setup to function as a landing page in and of itself. In order to maximize your lead generation, the landing page must be crafted to appeal to its audience and capture all of the needed information without making the sign-up process too difficult. At the heart of any successful campaign is a quality landing page; without a great one, your campaign is doomed to fail. It is because of this that many campaigns spend more time designing high-conversion landing pages than anything else. Lead generation will run much more smoothly when there is a separate landing page for each ad, custom-tailored to appeal to the particular audience to which it is being shown.

Always Match Content and Copy

A big issue for many PPC campaigns – particularly very large ones that target a large number of keywords and people – is ensuring that ad copy matches with both the content on the landing page and the keywords that are being targeted. One of the biggest culprits of low response rates and low numbers of lead generation is when there is a disconnect between what was promised and what was offered. If your landing page does not accurately reflect what attracted their attention in the first place, then you are merely pinging URLs to no avail. Always ensure that whenever you are juggling multiple variations of a similar ad – or large numbers of completely separate ads – that the content in question matches the description displayed within the ad.

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