The Benefits of Content Marketing Podcasts

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PodcastThose who use podcasts will tell you that they do not know how they managed to distribute daily or weekly content directly to their users before its inception. Podcasts have been around for years and have been revolutionizing the way in which users receive information about particular subjects, whether that be news, entertainment, education or finance. Over the past five years, the number of individuals using podcasts has doubled, showing that it is still a growing industry and as such, can be seized upon by the savvy webmaster. If you are interested in starting your own podcast for content marketing but have been wary of the benefits, then continue reading to get an idea of what your enterprise can gain from doing so.

Give It A Personal Touch

Distributing content in traditional form (written) obviously is not going anywhere, but how personal of a connection can you make with a visitor through mere text alone? Podcasts possess the innate ability to connect with the subscriber in ways that text simply cannot achieve. Whether you are doing a simple audio-only podcast that is pinging to Google or a comprehensive podcast that features both audio and video, the combination of stimulating senses via multimedia and the conveying of the information contained in the podcast can make others feel more personally-connected to your website.

Save Money

Compared to other forms of digital distribution, podcasts are relatively cheap to produce. At minimum, you need only a recording device and a set of software that can be used to edit and upload the podcasts as you create them. By avoiding all the hassle that comes with traditional advertising methods (paper, postage, PPC costs), you can reach potentially just as many people while saving money in the process. For anyone on a budget, content marketing podcasts can be one of the best ways in which to distribute your content to interested parties.

Save Time

If you are creating an audio podcast for content marketing (or any subject, really), then you will be amazed at the amount of time you can save by distributing some of the information via podcast that you otherwise would be typing. If you already have your key points of the topic summarized and are ready to write an article, then why not simply create a podcast instead? Generally, we can speak much quicker than we can write; by speaking clearly and concisely, you can quickly and effectively transmit information to all interested parties – often in less than half of the time it would take to transcribe the same information.

Great for Social Networks

Research shows that users of social media are four times more likely to listen to podcasts than people who do not use social media. For this reason, podcasting can greatly complement any existing social network platforms; it also provides a bonus status updates for any Facebook pages or Twitter feeds each time you release a new one. With social networks now pinging to Google and other major search engines, there is also a chance that your podcast’s popularity on any social network will be picked up on by search engines and therefore strengthen the repertoire of your website.

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