Three Apps That Can Help Users Enhance Their Online Profiles

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Three PeppersWith so many professionals now seeking employment opportunities through online sources, it is vital that they maintain a certain level of organization and thoroughness when it comes to online reputation management and social media. Unfortunately, many users of social media fail to keep their profiles synced, their social networks streamlined and their online communication methods simplified. If you are currently unorganized but wish to rectify the situation, then the following article will assist you in the process. Below, we will discuss three different mobile applications that can empower users to take control of their online and professional profiles.


Currently available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices, the Plaxo app is a comprehensive solution that syncs your contacts across any and all social networks and mobile devices. The platform has been in existence for more than a decade – since before the existence of smartphone apps – and the software has been optimized over the years to function as intended. Users can import all of their contacts from a variety of sources, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their mobile phones. With options to automatically begin pinging online sources and fill in missing information about select contacts, users will be able to maintain a solid database of contact information for any and all acquaintances. Interested parties can download the Plaxo app for free via their respective phone’s app store.


Regardless of the developments of social media and its growing presence in our lives, email still remains as the foundation of online communication. Over ninety percent of internet users admit to checking their email at least once per day, so it makes sense to organize this information and have it readily accessible by select social media platforms. The Smartr app for Android and Apple devices allows users to be pinging online hubs and your email account for key phrases and words in order to compare them with upcoming events on social media. This action can help users stay aware of any real-life obligations that have been made through social media and email. Other great features include the ability to find new email contacts’ social media profiles and history options to view past analysis and updates. You can download this app through the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace for free.


The most powerful professional social network for those who wish to make new acquaintances, network with industry leaders and scope out competition, LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for those who wish to further maintain their online reputations. Users will be able to post their resumes directly to their profiles, browse current job listings and sync your calendar with the application to view potential interviewers and employers before you arrive at a job interview. Currently home to nearly 200 million users, the LinkedIn community is one of the first places that any potential employer will look to find information on you before a job interview or job offer. The LinkedIn app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones and is completely free to download.

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