The Best Tips for Successful Online Presentations

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PresentationsWhether you are a master of in-person presentations or a novice who wants to master the skill, there is a lot to consider and learn when you want to be an effective conveyor of information. In the past, a presentation was exclusively something that was done in person and therefore tied to the speaking ability and persuasive factors of the speaker. These days, however, many presentations are given via technology – SlideShare is a common example – and this makes it even more important that the information in each presentation is concise and clear. If your blog or website wants to utilize presentations to get a point across, then continue reading to find out how you can accomplish this.

Create It with the Audience in Mind

There is a good chance that any presentation you give to an audience will be on a subject that said audience already is familiar with or has at least a basic understanding of before they see your presentation. In this case, you want to ask yourself what the difference is between the likely knowledge that your audience will already have versus what they will want to learn from such a presentation. If you are pinging noise in the form of jargon to your readers, then your presentation will not be effective nor garner the attention you desire. Inversely, failure to explain basic concepts may lead to a result where some viewers are not able to follow your premise.

Pose THE Question

While you may wish to address multiple aspects of a subject in a presentation and pose several questions to the audience, there should be one underlying theme and question throughout the presentation. Have you determined what the biggest takeaway from your presentation should be? If so, then you will want to formulate the basic question to that answer and highlight its importance from the very beginning. You can be creative, make the question funny and engage their interests, but the question itself should still pertain to an important and serious concern that you readers will have.

Make Slides Efficient

In a traditional presentation, you tend to lose the attention of the audience if you have too many slides. Likewise, slides that are barely legible due to content cramming can be just as bad. If you want to persuade your audience and keep them interested in the topic, then you will need to optimize your slides for efficiency. This means that you will want to leave enough room on each slide to differentiate between thoughts, include links and hashtags where applicable, and make requests that the audience share specific slides with their followers. If your slides are not optimized for reading, then you are just pinging noise.


If you want to give a stellar online presentation, then you will need to remember a few simple things. Always create your presentations with the audience in question in mind. Next, you will want to pose the most important question to the readers from the start and build your premise around that. Finally, make your slides efficient and fun to read in order to retain the audience’s attention.

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