Simple But Effective Plugins that Generate Leads

Plug LeadYesterday, we discussed some simple but effective ways that you can generate leads using nothing but a bit of bandwidth and some creativity. Many passive strategies are available to brands who wish to generate leads, but this only scratches the surface of what is possible. Your website design itself can be a great way to capture potential customers and conversions, if you use it to your advantage. Those who love WordPress know that it is a flexible and all-around capable platform for any brand-related tasks. If you’re ready to continue developing new ways to generate leads, then you’ll want to continue reading to find out about some great WordPress plugins that can be used to capture those leads.

WordPress Leads

If you’ve been pinging your website with sign-up forms but have not been generating the results you expected, then consider the WordPress Leads plugin. With simple integration into any WordPress installation, you’ll love how easy it is to configure and use. Perhaps the best part about WordPress Leads is what it offers users after they’ve captured the leads. You’ll be able to determine a variety of things about your leads, including where they originate, what they have viewed on your website, what they said in comments on your website, and more. You can even mine their social media profiles, demographic information, and their occupations with the plugin. Incredible!


One of the most popular email marketing services in the world, MailChimp provides brands with a unique ability to manage, organise, and disseminate emails to a particular audience. MailChimp can be fully integrated with any website and offers a very useful WordPress plugin for bloggers and webmasters. Ultimately, the MailChimp plugin is very simple to use and can be fully configured in just a couple of minutes. From there, simply drag and drop your pitch/form into any element on your website or landing page. You can use the plugin in overlays, sidebars or any other area of the website that is ideal for collecting those leads. The great thing about Mailchimp’s plugin is the simplicity of the process on the user-end: you won’t lose any potential subscriptions due to a convoluted form design.

Before and After

If you are looking to be a bit more aggressive with your lead generation, then you may want to consider the Before And After WordPress plugin. With this unique lead generation tool, you can effectively lock down any page to visitors unless they first fill out a form or provide some information. Additionally, you can provide seamless integration of any number of features into your pitch, such as offering a free download or e-book in exchange for signing up. The Before And After plugin is also very useful in other ways: it can be used to provide an age gateway on any page of your website, require visitors read your terms before proceeding, or even provide guided tours of your site.

These three lead generation tools are all excellent choices for pinging your website with promotions, offers and other lead generation tactics. Are there other ways you’ve generated leads from visitors to your website or blog? If so, tell us below what works for you.


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