Four Networks to Better Your Social Media Mobile Reach

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Social Media MobileAny website or blog that has moved into the world of social media has probably discovered that the process of developing an excellent social media presence takes time and dedication. While the effort of social media management may not require vast amounts of time on a daily basis, it does require daily attention and fresh content in perpetual fashion. The growth that any website or blog can expect from social media will only occur if a steady stream of content is provided to followers and subscribers: without this, your social media clout will wane and users will not be able to find you as easily. Diversification is a key component to successful social media outreach – below, we will discuss four social networks that you can use to augment your overall mobile social media marketing and networking strategies.


The second largest social media network in existence, Twitter can sometimes be overlooked by emerging blogs and websites who prefer a more feature-laced solution such as Facebook. Tweets and retweets, however, are short and encourage individuals to be succinct and direct in their messages and comments. This can be a good way in which to get your message out while not having to worry about frills and long-winded responses. Many individuals use Twitter as a way to promote their products and services via contests and the hashtag feature. There is ample opportunity available on Twitter for businesses and websites to promote their offerings – do not limit yourself to Facebook alone.


A fairly established social networking platform, Foursquare is about pinging from iPhones and Android smartphones your journeys around town. It is also used as a way to review establishments and online institutions. One of the best ways in which you can gather precise information about customers, Foursquare allows users to share the details of where they shop, eat, play and relax, which gives businesses the ability to custom tailor social media strategies to attract specific audiences.


Wait, Groupon is a social media network? Yes – at least in some part. Businesses, websites and other brands can use Groupon as a way to offer select deals and services to customers in their vicinities for great prices. This platform can give budding businesses a way to introduce their products and services to a large number of individuals within a short time-frame, which is perfect for brand awareness and an increased social media presence. Many individuals check Groupon daily for new deals in their area, pinging from iPhones and tablets to see which businesses can save them the most on services and products they enjoy. These purchases are often shared by individuals with friends and family, which will further promote your online presence.


Last but not least, Yelp is a great way to promote your business via the review game and have users explain why they love (or dislike) your brand. Even though some are hesitant to put their brands under the microscope where potential negative attention can arise, Yelp has quickly become a powerhouse in the review business and can help further your exposure in select search results.

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