Perfect Your Pinterest Strategy with These Three Tools

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Three PinsAs one of the fastest growing social media networks, Pinterest continues to draw attention from those in the worlds of search engine optimization, marketing and social media outreach. Once just a cutesy platform through which users could create pinboards of their favorite items, multimedia and thoughts, it has since become a powerhouse that gives individuals, brands and businesses the opportunities they need to reach larger yet more defined audiences. Many people jump into social media with no clue how to properly measure their influence and use that information to create additional buzz and engagement with their brands. If your Pinterest project has been lackluster or is relatively new, then continue reading to find out about three tools that may be able to help you augment your efforts.


In the world of Pinterest, you will quickly discover that there will be stiff competition for your pinboards in terms of attention. When the network first started, it was relatively easy to make an impression and quickly amass followers, but this is no longer the case. Plenty of ideas can be gathered on what is currently trending, which can help you determine the best strategies for your profile. Tools like Repinly are the perfect solution for this. Anyone who is pinging links and pinning items can quickly compare their pinboards’ performance against top contenders in a similar category and inspect the latest trends on Pinterest. You can even configure the tool to send daily updates to your account so that you are always in the know. Analytics can be the most valuable method for determining what is hot and what is not: Repinly is free to use, so what do you have to lose?


On Pinterest, it can be a bit more difficult to automatically discern just how much reach and influence your brand or business’ page truly has. This is where a tool like Pinpuff can be a valuable asset. This analytics option will display just how much influence and reach your current Pinterest projects enjoy and will even show an estimate amount (in $$$) of how much your profile is worth – or capable of earning. Pinpuff is free to use and can be downloaded to any desktop for quick and easy access to your Pinterest analytics. If you want to have the ability to analyze just how popular you truly are on Pinterest, then the free Pinpuff tool can be a godsend for your efforts.


Pinterest by default is somewhat limited in terms of what you can add to your pinboards, but thankfully, there are tools out there to help users get more out of their pages. Pinstamatic can be used with any Pinterest account to quickly add elements such as text, websites, other social media profiles and even audio to your pinboards. Perfect for pinging links, videos and more, a Pinterest account with an array of multimedia can keep your visitors around longer and encourage them more often to share your content with others. This in turn will build your influence on the network over time.


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