Three (More) Great Search Engines You May Not Be Using Yet

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Search GlobeYesterday, we discussed three great search engines that most people are undoubtedly overlooking. The internet has many different search engines – some obviously larger than others – that provide those who use them with access to information they’d otherwise never find. Because of the vastness of the internet, search engines are practically required in order to find specific information. Despite the nature of Google and Bing, among others, there is much that you might miss on the web if you only search through one source. Because of this, it’s always good to consider using different search engines – which often utilize different algorithms for retrieving information – in order to find what you want. Today, we’ll review three more search engines you should try.


Designed for use with Windows PC, NooG is a completely different search browsing experience. Instead of just searching one search engine or browsing search engines one-by-one, NooG makes it possible for you to be pinging servers on every major search engine – all at once. Since NooG is software as opposed to a website, you’ll need to download it first, but it is definitely worth giving a shot. Simply specify which search engines you’d like to search, enter your query and you’ll have your results in seconds. NooG opens in any preferred browser when displaying results, so you’ll feel right at home when using it to find what you need.

One of the smaller yet known search engines available, provides users with access to a wide variety of search results gathered from both the web and from social media accounts. This can be very useful for those who want to find a particular mention, topic or person on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can combine search results by source for a richer search experience, which can be very helpful for finding information about trending news and late-breaking stories. Each type of result is categorized into “streams” that make it easy for you to know from which source a particular result originates. Ultimately, may inspire the bigger search engines to more fully integrate multiple types of search into their results in a way that is seamless yet distinct.


If you’re worried about search engines using your data against you in the constant onslaught of marketing, then you may want to consider DuckDuckGo. Relatively new and already one of the more popular search engines in the United States, DuckDuckGo does not store any personal or search-related information about you. You can use the search engine on your computer or via your mobile phone through an app, and it offers many privacy benefits that other search engines have either eliminated or never provided in the first place. Most people don’t want to be pinging servers with personal data: DuckDuckGo respects these concerns and is quickly growing because of it.

Getting out of your comfort zone occasionally can be a rewarding thing. Rather than always resorting to using the same search engine, try using one of these three great search engines (or one of the other three we talked about yesterday) to find the information you need. Besides the big three, are there any other search engines you regularly use to find information, news and facts? Tell us about them below!

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