Engage More People on Pinterest With These Nifty Tools

Engage PeoplePinterest has become one of the most rapidly growing social media networks over the past few years, and with good reason. It fulfils very well a niche that many other social media networks attempt to fulfil, and that is personal expression. Sometimes, expression is best conveyed through the use of images and collections, which is something Pinterest allows for masterfully. If you are a brand that wishes to get the most out of Pinterest, then it’s almost required that you utilize select tools to make that happen. Below, we’ll talk about three nifty tools that you can use on Pinterest to engage more people and promote your brand more effectively.


The use of Pinterest for brands is very simple: create a variety of visually stunning images or fail trying. The Canva tool is useful in this regard and for customizing your profile and creating select images. This tool allows users not only to create stunning Pinterest images and templates, but it can also be used to create blog graphics, business cards, Facebook page covers, invitations and more. In short, Canva may be useful for a whole lot more than just your Pinterest interests, but we think you’ll find it quite useful for that social network. The best part is that a majority of the design components and artwork available through the tool are free, with the rest costing no more than a budget-busting $1 each.


Designed for use on social media networks like Pinterest that revolve around the “collections” process, ViralTag allows users to begin pinging servers with a variety of beautiful and well-organized visual content in mere minutes. ViralTag takes it a step further by integrating directly with your Pinterest account and taking over select functions. If you’ve created several beautiful boards and want to have them published over a period of time, then tell ViralTag to handle this and they will be done. ViralTag comes in several packages ranging from free to $100 per month, but we think you’ll want more than just the free options once you test out this tool and see what it can do for your brand.


If you have ever wanted to connect multiple social media networks together, then Pinvolve may be a dream come true. This tool helps connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook account, allowing for a new tab to be created on your Facebook fan page. All of your Pinterest boards and creations will be pinging servers on Facebook and will be visible under this tab. This service works quite well for brands that are well-established on Facebook and that wish to bring some of that activity over to their Pinterest accounts as well. You can get started with a free account and upgrade to unlimited use and features for around $25 per month if desired.

These three Pinterest tools – Pinvolve, ViralTag and Canva – can all make your Pinterest experience more unique. On a network where traffic and aesthetic pleasure are the names of the game, you need all the help you can get to maximize your effectiveness. We believe that these three tools can help your efforts expand in substantial ways, so give them a try today!

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