Do You Have a Posting Schedule on Your Blog? If Not, Why Not?

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Blogging started out as a hobby for many – by being able to share their love of various subjects with others, communities began to sprout up on the internet allowing for more discussion, research and networking around said topics. As the internet has evolved, however, blogging has become more sophisticated and monetized. These developments have led to bloggers needing to be more attentive of their blogs, making sure that fresh content is always being distributed. If you have not yet devised a posting schedule for your blog, you may be missing out on valuable traffic. Listed below are several reasons and benefits to having a posting schedule.

Schedules Make For Better Saturation

If you only update your blog once in a blue moon, then your blog is probably not being utilized to its true potential when it comes to search engine rankings. Blogs that consistently distribute content on a regular basis have been shown to rank higher in their respective search engine results, as the regular updates provided to the blog give search engines a reason to crawl the blog more often. If you want to be pinging URLs to search engines on a regular basis, the best way to do so is to post often. If you have a schedule set forth as to when you will post, simply adhering to this time-frame will go a long way.

Schedules Keep You Active

Blog maintenance is just as important as posting updates. If you are engaged with your blog on a consistent basis, you are far more likely to notice any issues or mishaps that may be displayed on your blog. In addition, you can follow the comments and feedback of your readers to determine how they like the site layout, whether or not certain features are working optimally and whether your posts are receiving an equal amount of attention. Generally speaking, it is just good blogging sense to make sure you are taking a proactive approach to maintaining and interacting with your blog.

You Can Schedule Updates

Depending on the blogging format you are using, there is most likely a plug-in or built-in solution that allows you to schedule blog posts in advance, which will publish at the time of your choosing. If you have an erratic schedule in your day-to-day life, setting up post scheduling can be a great way to ensure your content is being distributed in an even fashion. There are also plug-ins that can complement this approach, such as ones that automatically begin pinging URLs of new posts to major search engines as soon as they are posted.


Regardless of the approach you settle upon, making sure that your blog has a consistent schedule is vital to its long term success. By interacting with your blog and making sure that content is being published as often as possible, you will find a much more reliable stream of traffic coming to your blog. In the age of instant gratification, you must be prepared to satisfy the knowledge hunger of all who may be interested in your blog – stop making excuses and devise a comprehensive schedule for your blog updates today!

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