Boost Marketing Potential and Buzz with Bitcoin Acceptance

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Mobile BitcoinNobody doubts the power of organic buzz and its ability to proliferate throughout a market audience. We all seek ways in which we can gain valuable attention for our brands – even if it only lasts for a short while. Fortunately, there are a few different gimmicks you can utilize to create awareness in your niche that provide lasting value. The use of social media is a commonly used way of generating attention, but true buzz comes from igniting an element of a passionate community. Bitcoin is a growing way to make payments in the online world and has a loyal following – almost every time a new business or website begins to accept payments using it, people take notice. We’ll outline below what you can expect to receive in the form of buzz and benefit from adding Bitcoin as a payment option.

Automatic PR Distribution

Many brands and businesses hand out press releases when they make a major change, adopt a payment solution or add a new product. If you do this when you add Bitcoin as a payment solution, those in the community who are pinging sites and RSS feeds for new information on the coin will ultimately pick up on it. There are directories out there who list businesses that accept Bitcoin (they will find you), as well as popular forums such as Reddit, where new Bitcoin businesses get their fifteen minutes of fame on the Bitcoin subreddit. An instant boost of attention from users of this commodity/currency is waiting for you – all you need to do is act.

Competitors’ Business

While the Bitcoin community as a whole remains relatively small – a few million – you will no doubt find that there are most likely few, if any, of your competitors providing the same services or products in exchange for them. This simple act can open up a surprisingly large amount of revenue for you. One business, a restaurant in New York known as the Oxford Kitchen – saw short-term boosts in customers by around five percent. If numbers like these can be achieved in an individual city, then imagine what is possible with a global audience online!

Concentrated Positivity

Bitcoin users are enthusiastic consumers, and will go out of their way to provide information to others about their service (for better or worse). When you provide a customer with a good experience, you may hope that they will leave a review on sites such as Yelp. Bitcoin users are more likely to leave reviews based on their experiences with brands in Bitcoin transactions, in large part because the community as a whole operates within a framework where the coins themselves cannot be reversed in the event of dispute. Pinging sites with reviews is akin to letting others know that the business is trustworthy, which is an important element of any Bitcoin user’s decision to enter into a transaction.


If you want to boost marketing potential and get a rush of attention, then adopting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method may prove beneficial. You can expect to get an initial round of public exposure for doing so, followed by a wave of customers whose demand is not being met elsewhere. Finally, expect more reviews for your business, which is a great thing to have for future marketing and SEO purposes.

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