4 Tips for Using Retargeted Ads

You have done the hard work of getting a visitor to your website. Your content is great, your website is easy to navigate, and the only thing left is for the visitor to convert. But they leave without doing so. What can you do to get them back to your website, so they complete their journey? Use retargeted ads!

Retargeting is a strategy that uses cookies placed on visitors’ browsers so you can show them your business or brand ads on other websites. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your retargeting efforts.

Segment Your Visitors

Most ad networks give you a way to segment your visitors so you can show them ads that are highly relevant to them. Take Facebook, for example. If someone clicks on an ad advertising Valentine’s Day flowers, you can show them wines or chocolates on other websites because they are likely the people who are interested in those things.

Segmentation produces a very high return on investment because you will be retargeting people who are already interested in your products and services. It will help you avoid a one-size-fits-all strategy that is likely to yield low clicks and conversions.

Reduce Abandoned Carts Using Retargeting

Abandoned carts are responsible for millions of dollars in lost sales and revenue. Millions of items end up sitting in carts until the business removes them because a customer did not check out. Use a retargeted ad to remind someone of the amazing products you have on your website.

If they see a similar product in an ad, they are more likely to remember they were shopping for the same or a similar item on your website and return to complete their purchase.

Adjust Your Advertising Frequency

Paying attention to ad frequency is crucial when doing retargeting, but many businesses and brands do not even think about it. Advertising frequency is the number of times someone sees the same ad from the same business or brand.

One study found that the number of times (the frequency) people saw a similar ad led to different emotions.

One to three times led to the ad being labeled as clever and surprising. Four to five times led to the ads being intrusive and annoying.

Seeing the same ad more than seven times was labeled as creepy, distracting, and intrusive, while those who saw them more than ten times felt angry for being targeted like that.

Instead of shutting down your retargeting campaign, have different ad copy and creatives so you can switch them out when someone has seen a single ad twice or thrice.

 Experiment With Your Offers

A lead magnet is something so compelling that someone wants to learn more about it or to have it in the case of an asset. For retargeting, you need to find your strongest lead magnet because clicks and conversions are directly related to how strong this magnet is.

You might have to experiment with different offers to see what catches on. If it does, find ways to tweak and improve it for better results.

Retargeting is a very powerful tool for all kinds of businesses as it can help improve engagement, conversions, sales, and revenue. Because of its many benefits, every business should experiment with retargeting to see if it works for them.

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