How and Why Social Media Helps Your Website

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Social Media WebsiteSo many people are curious as to how and why social media is such an important aspect of any website’s success. There are many schools of thought that exist on the subject – from those who say that social media is the end-all, be-all solution for prime-time accomplishment, to those to seek to dismiss social media as a potentially useful but over hyped solution for marketing and brand recognition. The reality of the situation is that social media can be a powerful tool for awareness, organization, e-commerce and more when used appropriately, which is the main reason why there’s not much debate: many people use social media poorly and do not obtain the benefits associated with it. If your website has had a lackluster performance recently or your social media outreach has not gone according to plan, then continue reading to find out how the proper use of social media can help your website live up to its potential.

Social Media Drives Traffic

The great thing about social media is the dynamic format in which it exists: most websites are static in terms of content and cannot be shared with the same amount of ease as content that derives from social media pages and profiles. In addition to this, social media can be used as a way to increase natural inbound traffic via search engines. When you are pinging networks like Facebook and Twitter with status updates, posts and tweets, you are also emitting social signals that are now picked up by major search engines such as Google. These social signals can improve your SERPs and lead to increased visibility via search engines. It is not an instantaneous effect nor something that can be achieved without consistent activity.

Social Media Shapes Opinions

In a world where the majority of online users now have at least one social media account, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of individuals first turn to social media – not search engines – to find their favorite brands and companies. When it comes to your product, service, cause or brand, the same applies. While your brand may not enjoy the level of fame as some multinational companies do, you can still wiggle your way into local social media search results and help shape opinions of those in your community. Individuals find social media to be much more laissez-faire and in some ways, more accountable than traditional email or other forms of communication. If an individual has a question about your product and they receive a quick response via social media, then this helps reinforce a positive image of your brand, website and social media presence.

Social Media Is Versatile

Even the most flexible platforms for websites can often be restricting – you will need to install this add-on and that module in order to share select videos, audio and other forms of multimedia. Most social media platforms already incorporate multiple elements for this purpose and can be used at the same time to promote your website. While you are pinging networks with status updates that reference your website, the included content – if of a high quality – can serve as the medium through which sharing and brand awareness can be augmented.

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