New Forms of Google Advertising to Watch for

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Google is by far a leader in the world of online advertising, providing an array of services that allow businesses and brands to advertise themselves. With platforms like AdWords and AdSense, countless ads are ran every single day, targeted specifically to audiences that are receptive to them. Google’s primary revenue stream comes from this advertising, so it should be no surprise that they’re eyeing ways to expand their offerings. What kinds of new Google advertising may be available to your brand very soon? We’ve put together a list of these ideas below so that you can begin brainstorming on how to use them.

Voice Advertisements

It was only a matter of time. As voice searches and commands increasingly become more common, Google has begun looking at ways to capitalize on this trend. While the idea will require a bit of work to get things right, imagine something akin to a Knowledge Box in search that – instead of providing text and a brief description – reads the content out loud to you. This will likely find a way to be applied to various ads, although the intrusive nature of the format will certainly mean it is used in a limited capacity. Ultimately, whether voice ads via Google prove to be functional or effective will be determined by the quality of the content and the impressions that pinging users with it generates.

Social Media-style Advertisements

As Facebook and other social media networks continue to encroach on Google’s ad territory, it will not be surprising to see Google begin to emulate their processes. We are all familiar with the standard relevant ads shown to us on the side of each page on both social media and search, but imagine a Facebook-like advertisement appearing halfway through a page of search results. As Google continues to evaluate more potential search real estate for possible ad placements, this is likely one of many logical considerations that will be made. As long as the ads are tailored and relevant, they may find a wide audience of brands that demand placement in this spot.

Granular Context Advertisements

While platforms such as AdSense and AdWords allow you to in effect pick who sees your ads, there is still much to be desired. For instance, we can target people with specific demographic characteristics, but not necessarily by a combination of interests, behaviors and characteristics. Google’s next big step will likely transform traditional ad campaigns into those that are more contextual in nature; wouldn’t it be better to be pinging users who search for specific products and have a history of buying those products? Google has all of this information, yet has hesitated to put it to good use for advertisers. This may be about to change.

Whether it’s voice ads, social media-style ads or behavior-based ad solutions, Google is constantly exploring new ways to up its ad game. What might this mean for you and your brand? Let us know in the comments below if any of these potential ad styles would benefit your brand and its reach.


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