What SEO Strategies Should You Focus on This Year?

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Search engine optimization is a must-do for any online brand or business. There are many different aspects to it, all of which help paint a better picture for search engines of the value of your website. The nature of SEO remains fundamentally the same but has continued to evolve over the years, embracing new strategies and tactics along the way. Some recurring SEO tactics are more effective than others, meaning that the strategies you’re focused on right now might not work as well as they once did. What should you be eyeing to improve or focus on this year? Today, we’ll give you a few ideas of where to concentrate your efforts in the short-term.

Focus on Videos

Whether you’re trying to enhance SEO through search engines or building better audiences on social media, there is a current interest in video like never before. As more and more people browse the web on-the-go and from mobile devices, more people are looking for easy forms of content to consume. Search engines recognize this demand and likewise rank websites more favorably that deliver what the audience wants. If you have the ability, talent or money to do so, then consider pinging links to video-based content as often as possible.

Long-tail Keywords

As the internet becomes a more competitive place, so must your efforts to delve deeper into various niches. Long-tail keywords use several words and/or phrases to pick up smaller – but more relevant – volumes of traffic. As you continue to run into more competition, finding less contested niches and SERPs is key to success. Over the next year, challenge yourself to focus on more long-tail keywords and find those new segments of your audience you might not find otherwise. This can transform your brand’s online presence in ways you wouldn’t have expected while also boosting SEO.

Geographic Targeting

Some brands may not be concerned with targeting audiences in specific areas. However, from a SEO perspective, there is much to be gained by doing so. If your brand either is based in a particular area or simply serves up products to a respectable number of people there, then it may be time to consider customizing your brand’s marketing and promotional efforts to account for that. As more and more people from a given area begin to buzz about your products and services, more and more searches will occur. This can help strengthen your performance in location-specific searches, further improving both SEO and traffic.

Earn Rapport with Audiences

Search engines are now placing more emphasis on trust than ever before, meaning that your brand must do its best to be authoritative and trustworthy among audiences. This relates not just to your content, but to the experiences your users have with your brand. It is worth noting that improved customer service options, interactive engagements on social media and a responsive tone in general can all improve how people see your brand. This leads to more loyalty, more visits, more mentions – and ultimately, more SEO clout as a by-product.

By pinging links to video content, building trust with your audience, targeting people based on geography and using longer keywords, you can take charge of the trends currently fueling new SEO growth these days. What are some other SEO tactics you’re using to improve your standing? Tell us below about what has worked (and hasn’t worked) for you.


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