How to Boost Your Following on Instagram

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FollowersOne of the largest social media networks in existence and only behind Twitter and Facebook in terms of widespread acceptance and popularity, Instagram has seen its growth explode over the past couple of years. As a result, more and more marketers have moved to the network as a way to showcase their talents, products and services in a way that isn’t offered via Facebook or Twitter. With tens of millions of daily users, it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking to cash in on the action that is Instagram. If you have been on the network for a while but have not yet gained a massive following, then you may feel disillusioned or be wondering what the problem is. Below, we’ll discuss some ways that you can boost your following on Instagram without having to resort to massive paid ad campaigns and long nights at the computer.

Post More

This seems incredibly simplistic, but study after study proves it is the single most important element to obtaining more followers on Instagram. By posting more to the social media network, you generate more opportunities for your content to be seen. Especially true when you link your Instagram account to be pinging websites such as Facebook and Twitter with your posts, you may attract followers from outside the social network who would not have found you otherwise. By generating connections across multiple networks with your Instagram posts, you will amplify exposure many fold.

Incorporate Apps

Instagram features a variety of apps – just like Facebook and Twitter – that can augment your experience and that of others. One common app that is used is PicLab, which can allow users to augment and experiment with their photos in different ways. Whatever you decide upon, be sure that it enhances the experience that users and followers will have with your Instagram account. Otherwise, the apps you select may be to your benefit but not provide intrinsic value in increasing your following on the network.

Find Trending Topics

You can use other social media networks to find out what is trending in the world of social media, and after you do so, upload pictures to Instagram about these topics. You obviously will need to tag these photos to gain exposure, but riding the current events wave via Instagram can be an ideal way to grab new followers and build your base. Whether it pertains to pop culture, news, tech or something else, you’ll be able to discover new and exciting subjects that line up with your brand’s interests and attract new followers at the same time.

Use Hashtags Properly

Much like Google will penalize your site if you are deemed to be pinging websites in a spam-like fashion, social media networks like Instagram will reduce your visibility if you use too many hashtags in your posts. While there is a bit of variance between networks, we recommend that you use a maximum of two hashtags per post – two seems to do better than one, but three or more will actually reduce visibility, according to a study of thousands of posts’ reaches.

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