Why Facebook Advertising is Essential in 2016

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2016 Many businesses and brands have become aware of the necessity of social media advertisements in the modern era. Not too long ago, social media advertising was a niche concept – even more so on mobile devices. Today, it seems everyone is using social media ads in order to reach hundreds of millions of individuals in markets and niches all over the world. Some businesses and brands have not yet grasped why Facebook advertising in particular can be very helpful to their overall marketing objectives. Today, we’ll delve into the basic reasons why Facebook advertising is absolutely essential as we enter 2016.

An Unprecedented Audience in Size

Previous internet marketing and advertising methods were relatively limited in scope. Even through search engines, your ad’s visibility was often limited to the ability for you to properly target keywords in foreign languages if you wanted to access different markets. With Facebook Ads, however, you can start pinging websites, videos and other forms of multimedia to audiences in markets all around the world via interests, location and other easily-navigated interests. With more than one billion users worldwide, you can target an audience as large or as small as you imagine – your ad budget is all that limits the scope. Because of this – combined with the low cost of engagement – it is absolutely essential for businesses and brands to add Facebook ads to their marketing arsenals ASAP.

A Large Number of Ad Goals

Many other advertising platforms seem one-dimensional with respect to the type of engagement they can deliver, but Facebook Ads is a very versatile platform. Whether you want to boost your post visibility, promote your Facebook page, drive traffic to your website, encourage installs of your mobile app, reach people near your business, reward people with offers, increase video views or increase conversions on your website, Facebook offers a specific ad promotion method designed to increase engagement in this capacity. With the multi-faceted system in which Facebook serves up ads to users on desktop and mobile devices, it has never been easier to deliver a specific ad with a specific set of goals to a specific audience.

A Useful and Effective Targeting System

As already alluded to, Facebook offers many different ways in which you can target individuals. One of the most popular ways for brands to target users is based on specific keywords or interests. Facebook offers a pre-defined list of interests for marketers to assess and target, but users can also type in any assortment of keywords that will help further narrow down the audience for any ad campaign. Users will be able to target mobile devices, desktop devices – or both – while also whittling down audience sizes based on city and radius, country, age and language. These tools are the main ones available, but by no means comprise all of the features you will have at your disposal in order to begin pinging websites and content to various audiences. The combination of the versatility and effectiveness of targeting via Facebook Ads makes it the most efficient marketing system via the web currently in existence.

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