5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Ads

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If you are targeting B2B marketers, professionals, and businesses, including LinkedIn marketing in your marketing strategy is a must. In addition to organic content, LinkedIn lets you post ads on the platform. Mastering LinkedIn ads, just like on any other platform, can be tricky. If you have been using them without seeing much success, here are some tips that can help you out.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first thing you should do before implementing any marketing strategy, and that includes using LinkedIn ads. Research the people you wish to reach, their industries, and the types of ad content that will work best with them.

Once you understand your audience, you should get familiar with LinkedIn’s targeting options. The platform allows you to choose different criteria when targeting, including field of study, occupation, industry, job position or title, company size, gender, age, and much more.

Target Decision-makers

LinkedIn Ads can be a bit confusing. You might get a lot of impressions but not the results you wanted such as getting additional leads. How does this happen? It happens because you are targeting a general audience instead of decision-makers. For the best results, create ads that target c-suite level executives. This is especially true if you want the companies they represent to pick up a product or service you are selling.

Those who have seen great success on LinkedIn say that, in addition to typical content, you should create ads that include what you would say in a conversation. For example, instead of saying your product improves productivity, you could ask, “Are you interested in making your web development team more productive?”. With the right targeting and such conversational copy, you can expect higher engagement and a high return on investment.

Fine-tune Your Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation helps you tighten up your inclusions and exclusions. Doing so helps you avoid wasting money targeting the wrong people who lead to additional ad spend without an increase in conversions, leads, or ROI.

Use Copy Creatively

Visuals are an important part of attracting people’s attention. However, persuasive copywriting can have a positive impact, too. Because LinkedIn has a very high word limit on their ads, you can include as much copy as you like. Just ensure it is tightly written and actually sells your product or services.

Use big and bold text in your writing to capture attention. You can also use a colorful background with bold text on it when adding images to your ads. Another tactic that works well is using the job title of the people you would like to attract in addition to using a very strong call to action.

Choose the Best Ad Type

It is also a good idea to think about the types of ads you use. There are numerous types of ads to choose from, but it is a good idea to stick to ones that have been shown to work best, i.e., sidebar, sponsored, and InMail ads. Each ad type is different, allowing you to prioritize images, text, or other types of content.

LinkedIn can be a high-conversion platform if businesses use it the right way. Running LinkedIn ads can be very helpful, but you need to know how to set up and use the right types of ads for the best results.

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