Maximize Your Content Strategy’s Impact with These Three Tips

Building a successful content strategy involves time, patience, research and skill. It also takes experience via trial and error: while many tactics work universally, some niches require specific considerations based on the audience’s preferences. Regardless of focus, creating an effective strategy for promoting and marketing your content is doable.

If you already have a content strategy in place, then you’re likely reaping rewards from it. However, there is always room for improvement – and there are many options you can consider. For those looking to improve their efforts even more, let’s look at three tips that can truly maximize the effectiveness of your content strategy’s impact.

Vary Up Your Content Offerings

Most brands gauge how well they’re doing in terms of content by how many people interact with or read each offering. Unfortunately, this method may not produce the best results if you are only promoting one or two different types of content. Every audience is different – and within these audiences still are varying preferences.

Brands that focus on pinging users with a multitude of content offerings will undoubtedly achieve greater reach. Try incorporating videos, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, slideshows and any other form of content into your website and/or social media content strategy, as this will ensure there is something for everybody within your target audience.

Test Your Outcomes

What can any brand learn from their past content experiences if they are not carefully observing the outcome? As crazy as it may sound, many brands simply continue to produce content without concern for its overall performance, never asking whether even small changes could produce big results.

Much like marketers do in PPC advertising, content creators should absolutely test – and where possible, utilize A/B testing – to discover which seemingly small elements improve or harm content performance. From tweaking post titles to changing video thumbnails, testing a variety of alternatives for each piece of content you publish will ultimately shed light on specific preferences of your audience. You can then incorporate elements that consistently show improved results into all applicable forms of content.

Promote Content on New Platforms

It’s only natural to focus on specific platforms and channels for content promotion, but yet another easy way to ensure both increased visibility for your brand and its content is by expanding your reach. After all, common sense dictates that the more places your content is visible, the more views, clicks and shares it is likely to receive.

While many brands focus heavily on pinging users on one or two social media platforms, there are many ways to easily integrate multiple social media channels under one roof. By posting your content to one, you can easily have it propagate to several others automatically, helping you to expand your social media presence and accumulate new followers and clicks you might not have earned otherwise.

With just three simple changes to how you create and distribute content, you’ll be able to significantly improve the natural performance factor of your content. Especially when coupled with an aggressive content marketing strategy, brands from all walks of life can take advantage of huge gains in terms of clicks and conversions.

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