How to Use Vine to Build Your Business and Increase Interaction

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Sharing MediaJust a few months ago, Twitter unveiled its video sharing powerhouse, Vine. In just a short period of time, Vine quickly became a popular and viral way for users to capture short videos and share them with the world. The premise behind Vine is that users must be innovative and creative, as videos may only be up to six seconds long. With so much buzz surrounding this new platform, more and more businesses have begun using Vine as a way to attract additional customers and attention to their brands. If you want to expand your reach via Vine, then continue reading to find out how you can increase both the quality and quantity of interaction and engagement with your business.

Engage the Audience

One of the best ways in which you can boost interaction is to encourage your audience to do just that. Since Vine is so easily used via smartphones, those businesses and brands who are already using it can implore their customers and readers to upload their own videos to showcase their products and services. A small shoe company, for instance, can request that users show off the latest shoes that were purchased from them in a short Vine clip. If they include hashtags with the Vine video, then you can also gain additional exposure for your business and brand.

Create A Series

The best thing about Vine’s simplicity and short videos is the fact that you can create cliff-hanger style videos. For a business or brand, this can be a gold mine if done properly. Rather than pinging links to individuals via email in order to get them to come back to your website, you can use a series of interactive Vine videos to tell a longer story over a period of time. If you are having a promotion and want to draw more customers in at a certain time, then use the allure of these videos each week with a new promotion to tell a larger story to your audience. This can also help encourage others who share your Vines to be indirectly sharing your promotions, as well.

Demonstrate Value

Particularly helpful if your business or brand deals with products, a Vine video can be used as a quick way to demonstrate value or functionality of a particular product. In the event of a smartphone case, for instance, a proper Vine video may show how said case can be applied to a relevant smartphone within six seconds. While the time constraints make this not the perfect idea for every product, it can be great for simpler products that require little to no assembly or configuration. It also gives your business an opportunity to showcase the product in a unique way that is more likely to be shared with interested parties.


With Vine becoming so popular in just a few short months, its future potential seems limitless. Whether your business has just ventured into the online world or has an established presence through pinging links and content to search engines, the addition of Vine to your social media portfolio can help attract a different kind of clientele that might not otherwise find your products and services interesting.


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