The Five Types of Vines You Should Be Creating

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Twitter VineAs the web continues to move toward content that is more digestible and mobile, content creators are seeking new and exciting ways to get their message out there. In this day and age, short videos have proven to be all the rage and can serve a multitude of purposes. Whether you are wanting to entertain, inform or persuade, short clips about a particular subject can go a long way. Twitter’s Vine has proven to be the standard for this new format and has seen explosive growth over just the past couple of years. If you are interested in learning more about Vine and what can be done with it, then continue reading to find out about six types of Vines that may come in handy for your brand.

Demonstrate a Product

The most functional way in which to sell a product or service is to show how it works. A great use of Vine time is to put your product on display and provide a demonstration. Countless brands have opted for this approach and it very well may be the most common form of Vine marketing in use. Whether you’re pinging links to it via your website or social media, this method has been proven to be highly effective.

Share a Tip

People are constantly looking for or enjoying various life hacks that they stumble across: why not use your Vine to gain some traction through this method? Whether it directly relates to a product or not, this type of Vine can quickly spread throughout social media and garner ample attention for both the video and your brand. Some brands even use cutesy animations and drawings to tell the story and add more character.

Show Off(erings)

While some Vines may focus on one particular product or offering, you can also use Vines to promote a broader lineup of what’s available. Whether you have just a few products on sale or a catalogue of merchandise, Vines can be used to quickly showcase all of your new or existing products in a way that piques interest and gets people talking about the items they like the most.

Announce a Contest

Planning on holding a contest or promotional offer in the coming days or weeks? A Vine that promotes this event can go a long way toward generating attention across multiple audiences. Whether you’re providing free gift cards, a huge discount or a one-winner drawing, use a Vine to creatively promote this and combine it with some of the tactics mentioned above to get even more mileage out of it.

Conceptual Use

While pinging links to a product description may convince some people to buy it, showing the product in use and in context can be another great way to get the most out of Vine. Especially when dealing with products that may be obscure or unclear at first to shoppers, this type of Vine will show utility and purpose at the same time that it convinces shoppers to consider purchasing it.

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