How to Use Vine to Connect with Your Audience

Vine AudienceOne of the newer forms of social media to hit the web, Vine is a multimedia-rich alternative to sites such as Facebook. Whereas some social media platforms expect you to import your content or minimize it in favor of simplicity, Vine is designed to operate as a simple platform that encourages users to convey their entire message in just under seven seconds. While this may seem impossible for some, many businesses and brands have taken it upon themselves to get creative and drive home the key point they wish to make. Some of the results have been absolutely phenomenal; it is amazing what you can accomplish when given a time limit! In the following article, we will outline how you can use Vine to connect with an existing audience on a more substantial level, or attract new visitors to your already growing base of fans.

Say Something

Obviously, any video is going to have a message or voice in it, but whenever something is said, a message should be conveyed clearly. The difference between Vine videos and other types of social media outreach is that you do not have to worry about landing pages, calls to action or other types of conversion-related affairs. As you are pinging YouTube videos and Vine videos to your fans, the primary goal should be to make an impression. The six and a half seconds that you have to maximize a Vine’s potential should obviously be used to convey a message, make someone laugh or describe a product in a unique way.

Provide a Service

While you may be hard-pressed to think of a great idea or tutorial to cover in a mere six seconds, plenty of businesses and brands have used Vine in this capacity to build rapport with followers and ensure that they return for more. Many simple tasks can be demonstrated in just a few seconds: are any relevant to your brand’s mission? Once you have brainstormed a few ideas, try to act them out and do a brief recording. You can always speed up the clip a bit if needed, but the overall goal should be to provide a clear and simple service in just a few seconds.

Promote a Product

If you have a tangible item that you generally promote via social media, then a Vine can be the perfect solution for a bit of multimedia product placement and promotion. Depending on the item, you can devise several different ways to showcase the style, functionality or importance of the item. A pair of shoes, for instance, might be featured in a brief skit where someone is being pursued by an attacker. Similarly, a piece of electronic equipment like an MP3 player can be shown to be durable through a series of unfortunate accidents. Whatever the choice, be sure to clearly feature the product and add a bit of shock value for good measure.


If you want to maximize your success via social media, a multimedia-rich approach is necessary. In order to do this while pinging YouTube videos or Vine videos, you will want to make an impression, promote a product and/or provide a service to your fans. These actions in conjunction with one another will make a powerful impression and can result in viral growth for your brand or business.

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