Unique Providers That Can Easily Help Diversify Products on E-commerce Store

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To diversify products on e-commerce store needs, sellers need to identify a platform for their e-commerce store. This article has done precisely that for sellers. Keep reading to learn to identify the e-commerce platform of choice from the three below.


Users on the Squarespace platform fully control their stores to organize pricing and sales. Squarespace users can customize their templates using various options that give their stores a personal look that is appealing and practical. The platform also allows for inventory cataloging and tracking, making sales management easier. The degree of customization users can make on the site can leave shoppers at their place with the perception that they’ve found custom merchandise here.


There is also a seamless integration of Squarespace with other e-commerce platforms. This integration naturally ensures better sales analysis and decisions by users.

Key reasons why online sellers need to diversify to Squarespace:

  • Adaptive Layout. The platform is adaptable to the needs of users wanting to showcase their products. Squarespace is ideal for all.
  • The customer checkout process is straightforward, and several payment options are available.
  • The user can send a survey to a customer who has made purchases. This survey builds brand loyalty.
  • Calculating and informing customers about shipping costs for their items is possible on Squarespace.
  • There is a provision for customers to leave feedback. The platform lets customers provide their opinion on the product by leaving a review.

The platform concept is to help sellers nurture a relationship with their loyal customers by giving the transaction process a human face instead of being an exercise in commerce between two faceless entities. Their interaction is indeed a human experience. Besides, the platform’s users benefit from its organic monthly visitors, which exceed 300,000.


It’s a marketplace for selling electronic products, such as PCs, PlayStations, laptops, and virtually any other type of electronic product.

The platform offers more visibility of sellers’ products compared to similar platforms. For instance, during their campaigns, the seller’s products can participate, meaning greater exposure for the seller.

The only actual cost to sellers is an 8% to 14% sales commission charge by Newegg (SBN) according to the product category under which the seller’s product falls. In essence, sellers will not pay a listing fee.

Anyone interested in selling products can easily and quickly join the Newegg platform.


The level of customization and control this platform offers sellers is simply second to none and better than those well-known competitors’ offers. The seller can personalize the look, feel, layout, and more in the store to suit their taste. Plus exercise complete control over the price and discount of their products. A seller’s website can reflect their brand. Also, Shopify’s one-click checkout process for all hosted stores makes for a good customer experience. This way, many shoppers have found a custom merchandise here.

Key reasons why online sellers need to diversify to Shopify:

  • SEO tools integration is available on the platform right from the start. The users can thus boost their site’s performance from the beginning, likely driving up traffic.
  • It allows users to manage their sales within a budget. Since themes are either paid or free, sellers can opt for what they can afford.
  • For most people, a visual presentation works better than anything else. On Shopify, sellers can make a video or 3D presentation for their products.
  • The platform is equipped with innovative tech to help sellers market their products. An example of such technology is its automated app Kit, an intelligent virtual attendant.
  • Shopify’s platform offers the user a remote access application. This Shopify app allows users to manage and evaluate their websites from anywhere at all times.

“While shoppers are returning to physical stores, we’re not seeing a decrease in online shopping – in fact, we’re seeing continued growth.”

Indeed e-commerce is the future. As the seller, you must use the right provider to maximize ROI on your online sales.


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