Improving Your Affiliate Marketing Visibility in Search Results

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Affiliate marketing has existed for more than a decade and offers savvy marketers the ability to earn profit without directly shouldering inventory or upfront costs. By investing in and knowing one or more product/service niches, affiliate marketers can create a variety of content options and promotional pages that drive sales through which they can earn consistent, passive income.

For most, affiliate marketing provides the best overall return on investment when driving traffic via search engines. Yet it can be difficult to gain the necessary amount of traction and visibility in niches due to the sheer amount of search-based competitors that now exist.

In order to improve your affiliate marketing visibility in search results, let’s examine a few strategies and recommendations that can bolster your efforts in the here and now.

Copy the Competition

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but it can also be a profitable endeavor in the world of affiliate marketing!

While plagiarizing content is a surefire way to harm your long-term SEO performance, there’s a good chance that there are other competitors within your broader niche who are generating better results. What strategies are they using? Which forms of content are delivering them their best results?

This information can be invaluable in shifting your affiliate marketing SEO strategy, so make the most of this data: figure out what works, and make it your own.

Spend the Extra Dough on Better Keyword Research

Affiliate marketers seeking to build organic traffic within a reasonable time-frame need to have the very best keywords and niches targeted. Unfortunately, all too many marketers rely upon personal keyword research. While many opportunities can be found through this method, pinging websites and search engines for the very best keywords is often worth the extra price tag.

Options such as SEMRush and Moz offer premium solutions for finding the best opportunities within your affiliate marketing niche. While a variety of basic and free options are available, spending a bit of money to unlock the true potential of your niche almost always pays dividends.

Improve the User Experience

A variety of small technical and design improvements can be made to your website that’ll improve its visibility in search results over time.

Options such as adopting a professional mobile responsive design and improving page loading speeds can have a disproportionately large impact on your page rankings in search. Through browser caching and image compression – just to name a couple of options – you can ensure pages load more consistently and in shorter time. These two elements are crucial to how search engines rank content for mobile users.

Revise and Update Older Content

Last but not least: search engines tend to focus on pinging websites where fresh content can be found. While publishing new content is always helpful, you can also update existing content for an added boost of relevance and indexing. You can request a manual re-indexing of content after a page is updated, ensuring any changes are immediately recognized by Google and other search engines.

It also goes without saying that some affiliate marketing content can become outdated with age; revising this content occasionally helps ensure you remain viable within a niche and can help minimize the amount of new content that must be created from scratch.

With just a few tweaks and improvements, most affiliate marketers can drastically improve the foundations that’ll lead to greater visibility in search results. In conjunction with market research and an understanding of your audience, you’ll have no problem employing these tactics to ensure years of success in your chosen niche!

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