How to Use Facebook to Market Yourself Organically

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Facebook Organic MarketingAs huge changes are coming down the pipeline for Facebook pages, it may be more important than ever to learn how you can use Facebook to grow an audience organically. In the past, connecting with others and spreading a message was very simple and had few restrictions when it came to who would see your content. These days, however, a plethora of algorithms affect who sees what and when, making it more essential to use the concepts of sharing and marketing to increase visibility. If you want to boost your brand’s performance but have few ideas on how to accomplish that with little or no revenue, then you’ll want to continue reading to find out what professional marketers have to say about organic marketing.

Create Engaging Advertisements

Not all forms of organic marketing start off as being free. With all of the changes that have occurred and are occurring, you will need a boost to gain the traction and attention you seek. Just like pinging to Google can be augmented through advertising, so can your Facebook branding efforts. Through the creation of video ads and other forms of engaging material, you can drastically boost click through rates and ensure that more organic shares are occurring. This can help get your message out to individuals who would not otherwise see it and influence new individuals at the same time.

Increase Posting Frequency

Did you know that the average Facebook post only has a lifespan of around five hours? This means that if you post something at nighttime, most people who get on in the mornings will not see it unless they explicitly go to your Facebook page. You may currently be posting three times per day; consider bumping up your posting frequency to at least six times per day for increased efficiency. Since your followers will all use Facebook at different times throughout the day – and those who use it consistently need to be reached as often as possible – it makes sense to have a steady stream of content being sent out every two to three hours, ideally.

Use Mailing Lists

This may seem a bit indirect, but mailing lists are a valuable tool for growing your Facebook presence and bringing attention to your brand. Users of mailing lists know that it is perhaps the most successful and effective form of communication, and there is no reason why you cannot plug your social media profiles in an occasional email to subscribers. You can even offer incentives for liking your Facebook page, such as a discount or free e-book. While you won’t be pinging to Google and boosting your website’s prominence with such tactics, you can help build a more prominent social media presence on Facebook and take advantage of organic traffic through subscribers you already have in a different medium.


Organic marketing on Facebook is becoming tougher, but you can still succeed with a solid game plan. A dash of paid advertising can go a long way when used properly and in conjunction with mailing lists and an increased posting frequency. There is no need to spend gobs of money on marketing via Facebook, especially when you distribute quality content on a regular basis to those who have already proven themselves interested in what you have to say.

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