A Brief Walk-Through of SlideShare

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Walk-Through SlideshowRelatively new to the world of content creation and marketing, SlideShare has exploded in popularity due to its simple yet versatile interface and seemingly limitless possibilities. Everyone from hobby enthusiasts to Fortune 500 companies have turned to SlideShare in order to collect, organize and present relevant information in a well-received interface. Particularly useful for marketing, SlideShare can be a gateway to new leads, traffic and sales if used properly. How does SlideShare work and where does one begin? In the following article, we will cover the basics of this utility and what it can offer anyone in need of a new multimedia approach to content.

The Basics

Simply put, SlideShare is a multi-dimensional content creation and distribution platform. In many ways, it is the WordPress of slide-show presentations. Its interface makes it incredibly easy to insert into any blog or website for the purpose of creating presentations and slide-shows. Imagery, video, music and simple text can all be compiled and added to any SlideShare presentation to make it as simple or complex as desired. Virtually any potential piece of web content can be added directly to a presentation and displayed on any page of your website or blog. It is also very SEO-friendly, so your presentations can be sure to be pinging Google, Bing and other major search engines.

Adding Content

As mentioned prior, SlideShare handles all types of content. Whenever you upload a particular file, it is very comparable to any other service – it will detect what type of file it is and position it accordingly. SlideShare, however, goes above and beyond in order to ensure total compatibility. If you upload a PDF or PowerPoint presentation, for instance, SlideShare will intuitively collect all the text from the document and add it to various slides which can then be adjusted. Page optimization is a small concern when it comes to using this utility, and the plethora of customization options available makes it easy to arrange items as needed.

How It’s Being Used

SlideShare has a world of possibilities, which make it appealing to budding bloggers and experienced content marketers alike. A variety of third-party extensions exist to allow leads to be captured via a SlideShare presentation, for instance. Many individuals use SlideShare to showcase various forms of premium content such as e-books and how-tos, while others simply enjoy the ability to create collages of photos and information to emphasize a particular point. The potential for SlideShare usage is just as versatile as the platform itself, and is a great way to start pinging Google and other search engines with rich content.


Even though it is fairly new, SlideShare has made it possible for just about everyone to enjoy the benefits that come with professional content creation and presentation without the need to learn various sets of skills in order to create it. With free and premium accounts available, SlideShare is quick and easy to sign up for and can immediately be used to revolutionize your blog posts, web pages and social media updates. Whether you wish to inform or persuade, SlideShare is a valuable tool that should be considered.

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