Need Help Boosting Facebook Ad Engagements? Try Out These Tactics

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Blue BoostEasily one of the most popular platforms for affordable online marketing, Facebook has seen an explosion of growth in advertising that many other social networks have failed to experience. With such popularity comes the inevitable saturation of most niche markets, which can make it more difficult for the average marketer to gain exposure and be successful with any marketing campaign. Since it is so easy for a Facebook user to miss your advertisement, you must be careful and deliberate in your approach. If you feel like your campaigns have been lacking the proper engagement and want to change this, then continue reading to find out about a few tactics that may prove successful for your campaigns.

Relevant Marketing

This seems simple enough, but how relevant are your advertisements to the audience in question? Facebook allows users to target specific demographics and audiences based on age, gender, location and interests, but some people fail to consider how aesthetics and imagery play into this. If you are advertising to a younger audience, for instance, then displaying ad images with younger individuals enjoying your products and services is just as important as pinging your website in the ad. In order to receive a higher amount of engagement in your posts and advertising campaigns, you must elicit a feeling of empathy and commonality with your audience. If you ensure that ads are designed for each specific group who is seeing them, then you can expect greater levels of engagement.

Use Social Ads

There are several options that allow Facebook advertisements to be displayed to friends and friends of friends (if those friends have liked your page). These options are free and come optional with any advertising campaign, so it only makes sense to use them. Users will be able to see which brands their friends have liked via sponsored stories and status feed ads, which helps further encourage common bonds and shared experiences between friends. Particularly useful if your ads incorporate a call to action, an increase in engagements is often the result of ad campaigns that utilize these intricate social options.

Advertise Promotions

One of the best ways to encourage new users to interact with your brand is through the use of promotions, contests and give-aways. If you have a product or service that is being offered, then it is relatively easy to begin a Facebook ad promotion that is pinging your website to users and offering a great deal in exchange for their engagement. Do keep in mind that Facebook has specific restrictions on how any advertising campaign can be handled, but a quick glance at the terms and conditions will clarify any concerns.


Anyone who needs to improve their level of engagement from advertisements can do so by ensuring that the ads are custom tailored for each audience, that additional free social options are being used to reach as many people as possible and that they are offering incentives to those who do engage. These three simple actions can quickly improve your return on investment and help you boost the level of discussion and interaction on your Facebook page or website.

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