Three Absolutely Necessary People-Targeted Data Tools for Your Social Efforts

Three DartsBuilding out success in 2015 online requires a lot of focus and dedication. It also requires a lot of data in order to be successful. Understanding how search engines and people alike are viewing your content, products and efforts in general can only be adequately summarized through the use of data. In addition, building community connections through the best tools available in the business is crucial in ensuring the building blocks for success are there in the first place. For businesses and brands that need more ways to understand the data available about their efforts, we have picked three absolutely necessary people-targeted data tools to use in your social media efforts – we’ll talk about them below!


Finding out how people connect with one another – and with whom they are connected – is a useful effort. Unfortunately, in the world of dozens of social media networks, it becomes difficult to tie all of this information together quickly. Enter Discoverly, which aims to provide such a service in a seamless fashion. By pinging users on social media and their email addresses, it puts together a picture of how many people a given person has in common with you in terms of friends and connections. This can provide users with ample information on how to approach individuals, what their likely interests might be, and more. Discoverly works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a variety of other smaller social media networks. If you need to figure out who’s connected to who, then Discoverly makes a great tool for social butterflies.


If finding more information about a given individual – rather than finding to whom that individual is connected – is your aim, then you’ll want to check out Archively. This tool makes it possible to find all of the social media profiles and online interactions of a particular user, using only their information from one social media profile. While you may not be able to track down every social media profile or piece of information (depending on their privacy settings), it does make it easy to find leads on a large number of people in a short period of time. You’ll be able to save these profile and dossiers on individuals directly within the app – which functions as a browser plugin – for later use.


Last but definitely not least, Riffle gives people the ability to start pinging users with the intent of learning who they are. Rather than digging up shallow personal stats on a person, Riffle aims to collect information about what an individual talks about on social media. This app will tell users what someone talks about the most, who mentions them the most and what they like to share in general. In addition, you’ll also be able to collect prime stats – such as Twitter followers and personal information – alongside more valuable information.

These three tools – Riffle, Archively & Discoverly – allow users to mine data-sets about individuals for truly valuable insight. By getting to know people through data, you can make the process of connecting, sharing and interacting more efficient for you and your brand!

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