Four Epic Social Media Tools for Tracking Content Engagement

Four ToolsAt the core of everything bloggers and content creators do is a need to know that said content is resonating with a given audience. After all, the production of content without an inherent interest in its quality or topics can be a debilitating realization for many writers. Brands that need to draw attention and engagement to and with their content require certain tools that provide insight into whether this is happening. On social media, fortunately, much of the information and analytics is already available to those who know where to look. Today, we’ll discuss four epic social media tools that help users and brand managers discover whether sufficient content engagement is occurring.

Twitter Analytics

Some people may not know about it, but Twitter provides ample insight into a variety of analytics associated with any account. Twitter Analytics can be used by clicking on the dropdown menu associated with your profile. It is inside this analytics software that users will be able to find a wide variety of details about any and all Twitter activity over the past four weeks. Included in this platform is information about the number of tweets, the number of tweet impressions, the number of profile visits, the number of mentions, the number of followers and how many tweets linking back to you. In addition, there is plenty more information collected by Twitter that can be helpful when it comes to pinging networks with content.

Facebook Insights

The biggest social media network of them all is bound to have analytics and content engagement tools! Facebook Insights can also be used to determine how people are engaging with content that you have deployed via fan pages. Inside this tool, you’ll find access to information such as the number of likes, the number of shares, the number of comments, the overall reach that each piece of content has had, the overall reach for your page in the past week, who comprises your audience in terms of age, gender, location and more.

Pinterest Analytics

The perfect social media for art, dining and culture, Pinterest doesn’t forget about brands and content creators who need to know who is engaging with content. Pinterest Analytics provides a wealth of information to content managers on each post – as well as an aggregate performance over the past day and month. You’ll be able to see the average number of daily and monthly impressions, how many people you are engaging weekly, daily and monthly, and which pins have made the most impressions over the past month.

LinkedIn Analytics

Also known as SlideShare Analytics, LinkedIn is a social network that an increasing number of brands and businesses have been taking advantage of for content promotion. It is through this platform that you’ll be pinging networks for information on where traffic originates from, which pieces of content are your top performers, which countries are enjoying your content the most, how many overall views and actions have occurred involving your content in the past month, and the number of each specific action (favorites, comments, downloads, email shares, clicks).

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